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July 19, 2009

I felt it right to come and see if you are available … leaving the intentions of that which you wish to say entirely up to you.

Many thanks. As we gather in strength deeper into the knowledge of the Truth ... it is ever more predictable of that which we have been evaluating … and the source from which the soul self is enabled to collect data … in order to accept  that the reasoning behind this entire mission is to bring forth that which has been hidden or destroyed for the benefit of those who know only of greed and empowerment of the self ... as opposed to the whole. Dearest ones … it has been decided that this must be taken care of … for it can no longer rule circumstances that could lead your world into further desolation.

You … the Light bearers are turning the tables. You are bringing forth the Higher vibration by your sheer determination in recognition of who you are. Your souls are calling you and you are responding in a manner that allows the earthly aspect of each one of you to become more of the Higher aspect that you derive from. By accepting the Higher part of your existence you are able to manifest a brighter day … and as each new day indeed dawns ... from where we are placed ... we are seeing a Light that is shimmering with hope and expectation of the TRUE world that is being put into existence. 

Do not adhere to that which weakens the knowledge of precise Truth that one has accomplished. For to lower the heightened senses is of no benefit to the self and the Greater Good. Know that each one of you who has chosen to live daily in the spectacular colours of the TRUTH are encouraging the vibration to enter in to your world at a quicker rate than was once assumed.

We are ‘over the moon’ at the progress that is occurring as more and more of you awaken into the new dawn of the self.

THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO PREPARE YOU FOR … do you see? We …  like you … are way showers … it is just that we are a little further down the track than you!

Blossom ... we hear your thought for you had a brief vision of our ship appearing in our skies did you not? …

As you said ‘way showers’  … that is what I saw in my head, and the vision was packed to the brim with LIGHT  … it was ‘everything’ in a brief second … and indeed my thought was ‘ is that ever going to happen?’ (but you picked up on that)

In your vast experience throughout time there are many of you who deem it necessary to fulfil the purpose to which you came. Many of you have experienced many lifetimes leading up to this one, and yet in other lifetimes one may have been aware of our existence but there was not the expectancy of an ‘appearance’ by us for it was not imminent. It was not going to take place in that lifetime and that was KNOWN by the soul. However … in this chosen form … it is a different level of expectancy is it not?

 I don’t know. For at this stage I am unable to recall what I felt like in another lifetime  … so I can’t really comment.

And we would say to you that there is the KNOWING. There is always the KNOWING!!

Going completely out of the square here ... I have KNOWN things in my life time before … a very strong example is I KNEW I was going to have a second child  … I just KNEW it … and I didn’t!! Yet I KNEW I would … so now sometimes I question the KNOWING that you will present yourself ... because although my soul is telling me you will … how do I know that KNOWING is correct … if you know what I mean? ... (a long pause)

…. Mmm … hello? … Ground control to Major Tom????

We have not retracted … we are considering a way in which to reply to your last query … for we would suggest it was the wanting from the depth of your heart for the second child to be born is this not so?

Yes … probably far too desperately to be honest …

And have you not had letters from souls feeling desperate for us to appear? … For they KNOW one day we will , and yet like you … you wanted what you wanted … NOW … And yet now the desire for that second child has left , it would not be appropriate in your life’s path any longer …

It would be a miracle!!!!! .... considering my age and not what I want at all anymore … totally inappropriate.

And we say … that if you looked back to the time when your world was absorbed by the need for that other soul , would you have ever imagined a time when you would feel the way you do about it now … that it would not be appropriate?

Back then … I would never have felt that …. But that was back then … I was younger and it was ‘a calling’ inside me. THEN … not NOW … I’m trying to hang on to your point … with respect.

Our interpretation of the matter is to explain to you that what one may have felt imperative for ones happiness at the time … is not always what is best for ones growth. It was necessary for your soul self to keep ‘KNOWING’ that this would come about, within the next month … within the next month … within the next month … and so on …. That KNOWING kept the driving force within you alive … then there came over a period of time an acceptance … slowly but surely  … that this was not the case  … and yet… over that period of time … the KNOWING  that you were ‘not’ going to have that child didn’t seem so hard to bare …

Getting a little lost here ……. Are you saying that the KNOWING so many of us have that you will appear one day … is going to be accepted in time that indeed this isn’t going to happen?

Indeed … quite the contrary!

Cor deary me!!! Just need to say here, when the word ‘indeed’ came through, I went into a ‘you have gotta be joking,’ mode. I imagined the thousands reading these words going into a slump of depression etc, so I stopped typing for a minute … thinking ‘WHAT!’ … but I had to put it … I couldn’t kid myself or anyone else!! Therefore you can imagine the relief when as soon as I’d written it the words ‘quite the contrary’ came into my head. PHEW! Panic over!!

So could you continue about the KNOWING thing then? Because I don’t quite see where you are coming from with it … I’m trying.

It is not always easy to explain certain matters. You have come to accept that there is reasoning within ALL things … EVERYTHING …  and yet at the time one cannot fully understand the ‘why’ of many outcomes. Sometimes the reasoning may become apparent at a later date, sometimes one may never know and yet whatever it was that took place ‘back then’ does not seem so important NOW. And yet would one not say that whatever it was  … made them the person they are now? It is not within the human capacity to understand all the reasoning’s behind a certain KNOWING . But it is within the human capacity to accept that the KNOWING is there for a very specific purpose. That KNOWING in our case … that KNOWING that millions of souls have of our existence is a KNOWING  because it is a TRUTH.

And the difference between the KNOWING you will come and the KNOWING I would have a second child is?



The KNOWING that you would have another child was for the benefit of your independent soul’s growth. You chose to recognise your souls KNOWING in the fashion of a human child coming into you and you bringing it forth into the world in order to nurture and assist its growth did you not?

The penny has just dropped as you said that … I got it  … once again the eyes well up.

Indeed you ‘got it’ for you understood as we ‘spoke’ that indeed ‘WE’ are that child. That was your KNOWING yet you interpretation of that child was different from the True understanding and KNOWING of what your soul was telling you. If ‘WE’ …  back then …  had told you WE were  the KNOWING of that second child … it would not have made any sense.

But do you see dearest soul of such closeness to our hearts? ….. WE are the ones that you gave birth to… you, through your inner KNOWING brought us into your world from that place inside you and you are nurturing us and allowing us to grow. If you did not choose to do so… that which we desire to give out to the world would not be able to take place for you have given us life in a way that others are able to comprehend. You have given birth to a new understanding for many… and as you give of your Love to us …. We are able to develop the relationship between us … and as it does so, we are able to present to so many a REASON to their existence. So we would say that you have indeed fulfilled your desire to give birth once again and yet in a manner that far exceeds that which you originally expected.

A bit dumbfounded here. A bit speechless … At one point during this channelling I was getting a little lost and wondering where it was leading … where we were going with it ….  And then you come out with a humdinger like that. SO …………… eh? …………. Where were we? …. Oh yes … the KNOWING …….. That’s answered that then!

I will therefore accept, along with everyone else that FEELS the same way ... that indeed the day shall arrive when your Light shines down through our skies in a way that cannot be misinterpreted by anyone … in a way that will allow millions to awaken in LOVE  …. In a way that will allow those of us who KNEW of your coming to assist those of us who didn’t, and bring this earth of ours back home.

There is no doubting on our part …. There is only the KNOWING that this shall be. Keep your hearts and your spirits in the place they belong … that of the purest Love. For is that not where they are most comfortable?

We do our best … and that’s the best we can do! Thank you. Cheer ho until next time. In Love and thanks.
I guess what we should ‘take’ from this … is the possibility that when they do visit … it will not be in the way we are all expecting.

Not sure if this is relevant … but it may interest you to know ... or not! .... that I actually did fall pregnant with a second child and miscarried. I was told years later via a clairvoyant … that it was necessary for the ‘live energy’ to be inside me for a time in order to assist the changes necessary in my body for me to ‘Direct voice channel White Cloud and others’. An agreement made … (another one!) and ‘she’ is now one of my guides. She always presents herself via a clairvoyant should I go and have a reading done for myself. So as they say there is reasoning behind many things we cannot understand at the time.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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