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Help From Our Friends

Space ship deep in space

One of the many space ships of enormous size, high above Earth

Matthew and other channeled beings tell us that during our sleep, sometimes our astral bodies make travels that in our daily lives we wouldn't dare to dream of :)
Often this is by invitation of one of our guides or the spirit of a deceased loved one, with the intention to show or teach us something. These travels can go to other planets, inside space ships, back in time, well, there are literally no limits. Usually we only take in this "lesson" subconsciously and we forget the whole adventure when we wake up. Sometimes we don't.

Here's the story of a vistor of our website, who didn't forget. And his lesson is for all of us.

Thanks for sharing this, Keith!

"I thought the following might be of assistance to those who are questioning the validity of the channeled messages found on this website and also nudge memories of those who have had a similar experience and have never remembered. What I am referring to is my recollection of two night time incidents that occurred just a few days apart in December of 2008.

Both involved waking up in the same location with the difference being the level of awareness and duration of time conscious. The location was a very large, brightly lit room. I was seated in front of a very normal looking off white two level counter/desk that extended out from the wall. The first occasion lasted a minute or so before I faded back into unconsciousness. The only real memory of this one was that it was a very familiar setting, I was not alone and certainly not in any kind of peril.

The memory of the second incident was much more vivid because I was almost totally consciously awake. It started the same way with me seated at this same familiar desk like counter. As the sleep fog slowly lifted I turned to my left and noticed that this desk platform extended for quite a distance in this very large room. There were people (humans) seated several feet apart along the entire length of this counter. What I remember is the more I became awake the more I became agitated to the point of anger. I suddenly stood up and began demanding to know why we were brought here and what right did these beings have to bring us here.

The person to my left, a nice man about fifty years of age, immediately tried to calm me down and gently get me back into my seat. I refused to sit and continued with my demands. I will never forget the look of utter astonishment and shock mixed with embarrassment on his face as he tried to calm me. Needless to say I was causing quite a commotion and a major unpleasant distraction to everyone there.

At that moment there was some type of gentle intervention that caused me to dial my anger back. I then remember being escorted in to a dimly lit room for the purpose of addressing my concerns. I now was facing a very large, dark wall monitor that extended from the floor to the ceiling which appeared to be approximately 25 feet in height and 60 feet or so in length. Displayed on the monitor was a flat outlined map of Earth’s continents with thousands of uniform sized circles of different colors and shading with much concentration and over lapping on areas of certain continents.

In front and to the left of the screen was a being dressed in a full length one piece light colored garment with a dark piece of cloth draped over his head extending down to his shoulders. He had a very stern look on his face but none the less treated me with kindness and respect throughout our interaction. His face was drawn and he looked very weary. I got the feeling that what he was doing he had been doing for a very long time and it had taken a great toll on him.

At first I thought he was standing on a platform because I had to look up to see his face. That wasn’t the case. He was actually very tall, over eight feet in height. He began to inform me (non verbally) that this ship monitored and recorded the emotional intensity levels of the entire Earth’s population and those findings were displayed on the monitor. Each circle in its particular configuration represented the intensity/strength of emotions in that region of the world. That information was then transferred to other vessels, which I got the impression that there were many.

At that moment it was not the idea that I was on a vessel located somewhere in space communicating non verbally with a very large alien that amazed me. What amazed me was that the sole purpose of this ship was to monitor moment by moment the emotions of an entire planet’s population and use that information for beneficial purposes, a concept totally foreign to me. That night the message of the importance of what we think and feel and how it effects the entire planet resonated deep within me. Shortly after I faded back into unconsciousness.

The next morning I awoke late and was unusually groggy for that time of day. I had no recollection of the previous night’s experience. I remember placing a piece of bread in the toaster and leaning against the counter in a bit of a daze. As I waited for the toast my eyes fell on the ingredients list of a bag of tortilla chips that was sitting on top of the fridge. At the bottom of the list there were product codes and a row of small circles outlined and colored that caught my attention. Something stirred within me. I retrieved my reading glasses and examined these circles closer not knowing why, other than they meant something important.

I struggled for about ten minutes trying to remember what is was but with no success. I finished breakfast and was reading when suddenly my memory was flooded with details of the entire night’s experience. It did not take long before I felt sick in the pit of my stomach for the juvenile way I acted. The only explanation for the way I reacted was that I sensed some how I was more conscious than the others of where we were, let fear creep in and then went into protective/defensive mode. Could the Earth have produced a bigger ass than me? Probably not. There is hardly a day that passes that I do not offer my apologies and gratitude to these beings for their assistance.

We humans constantly complain about being victims to this unfair 3D reality that we continue to participate in creating. Often voicing our frustration and disappointment that our space brethren have not sped up their progress in our rescue. Seldom do we ever consider their lives and the sacrifices they continue to make to help our species. I am quite sure it is not pleasant or joyful witnessing the cruelty we inflict on each other moment to moment on a global scale.

In closing I will ask that everyone please send their heart felt gratitude and highest love to these selfless beings who work tirelessly on our behalf. I can only hope that we are able to make the transitions intended for us in a timely manner so they can go on with what remains of their lives. And no, they have never extended me an invitation back, and if they have they keep me well below the conscious level."