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Responding to Haiti: From Brokenhearted to Open Hearted

What If? Foundation

Dear friends and family,

We are deeply shocked and touched by the earthquake devastation this week in Haiti. Hearts that are broken are now opening to take action. Many are considering how to respond compassionately and effectively. Thankfully, there are many government agencies and NGO's responding to the crisis now. Donors want the confidence and assurance that any donations will be used quickly and efficiently, especially in the midst of the overwhelming need and extreme chaos. Many of you may support churches or other NGO organizations having well established, effective missions in Haiti. If so, I thank you for your enduring support of their work to the poorest nation in our hemisphere.

Haitian girl
In addition, I am deeply guided to ask you to consider contributing to The WhatIF? Foundation, a ministry we've supported for many years. This small but highly effective compassionate ministry was created by a dear friend of mine, Margaret Trost, in California. This feeding (and educational) ministry through St. Claire's Church in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti has fed 1,000's of children each week. This is one of the most reliable ways I know to assure a huge percentage of your donation will be on the ground serving people in Haiti ASAP. WhatIf? has very little overhead and administrative costs therefore most of the money goes where it is needed most.

WhatIF? Foundation
WhatIF? Foundation help is already on the way. If you wish to assist Haitians in these hours of their greatest need and for the LONG HAUL, I prayerfully submit this to you as one way to serve. I assure you that it will be deeply appreciated and faithfully administered. I thank you in advance for your gifts/contributions AND prayers for everyone in Haiti (and their families abroad) in their time of unfathomable sorrow and loss.

One more request, years ago, I learned about WhatIF? through an e-mail....so please consider forwarding this widely, if so guided.

With love and gratitude, in Christ, for Haiti


Nancy is a trusted friend of Janis, who is a trusted friend of the founder of our group of translators, Luisa.

Please note: You don't need a pre-existing PayPal account to donate online to the The WhatIF? Foundation.
You can just use your creditcard.

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