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The End of the Previous Cycle

Where tons of websites, books and video's have been created about the end of the current cycle, symbolized by the Mayan Calendar, very little is known about the end of the previous one. What did our world look like then? Who inhabited it? What was the end like?

Recently, a whistleblower from within the top freemason/illuminati circles spoke out for the first time. He claims he has lived a previous life during the end of the last cycle. His story was published on the website of Project Camelot.

We edited some parts where he speculates on the near future, because channeled higher beings are always telling us that no one can predict that with certainty. So we left those out. But his stories about historic events match with facts that we already knew (that the Great Pyramids were made with sound techniques, for instance), so we render much credibility to that.

Here's his story.

"The wider picture I mentioned, while much of it still remains unclear to me, is most definitely signalling a massive geo-physical change, a change that is very much like the seasons albeit a season that only occurs once in every 11,500 years. Those in 'over government' are very much aware of this season and are driven to survive this change with their bloodline intact and to remain in overall control, very much as it is now.

One big question, to those awake to this change, is when will it happen? Personally, I have little idea of an exact time other than it will be soon. I regard precise timings, such as 21st December 2012, with much suspicion. However, I say soon. Soon, to me, is something that is highly likely to happen in my own lifetime. I say this since I was here during the last season of change and see again, quite clearly, a chain of events that cannot be confused with anything other than this change taking place again - soon.

Before this change happened last time, 11,500 years ago, there was much warning from those who were coming and going between space to Earth. These people were very much part of the human race at the time and not regarded as Gods. They had always been here and were, by and large, though not always, quite compassionate in nature. They lived among us and shared what they could, being able to do so, since the population then living on Earth was far fewer in number since people then lived to very old age – compared to the 3 score and 10 of today.

Then the visible changes were noted as the Earth magnetic poles drifting further and further away from true north and south. This caused seasonal differences that badly affected agriculture and living conditions, causing many of the larger settlements to migrate away from both Polar Regions.

Incidentally, the space travelling people were known then as the "Alhoo" (that’s how it sounds) The Alhoo went to great lengths to ensure that as many people as possible would survive the change. There was no discrimination as to who would be saved.

Additionally, around this time, other ET races appeared on Earth. Some of these races interfered with the preparations being made by the Alhoo causing much disruption, which finally led to open conflict both in space and here on Earth. This was a battle of domination that continued right up until the Earth’s surface finally changed its position. This is when the Earths crust shifted some 30 degrees towards the south.

It is worth knowing that the Alhoo came back to Earth afterwards, but, unfortunately, only remnants of the civilisation they had built was left, scattered along the coastal regions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It should also be known that the Alhoo were not suited to life on Earth and so they never became permanent residents. They came, stayed a while and then went, very much like visiting parents.

Now, after the last change, came the other races, some able to live more comfortably on the planet. The pre-dominant race was reptilian and did not resemble any human made after the Alhoo. It is the reptilian residency that was to mark the new season that had just begun in the aftermath of the change. These people were not kind or compassionate and far less spiritual in nature. They were cold and demanding, regarding fear and total respect from the human survivors as values. I shall come back to this period later.

Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza

As part of the preparations for the coming change, the Alhoo built what is now known as the Giza Complex, just outside Cairo. This site was built well in advance of the change and took just 5 years to complete with most of the effort going into planning rather than construction. These pyramids contained every example of Alhoo technology, serving principally as a beacon that could be heard far in space, providing a vast/diverse range of geo-physical information regarding the real time state of the Earth. This meant that the Alhoo could remain in space and ‘listen’ to what was happening on the surface.

Other less known sites were constructed on a ‘belt’, crossing the continents at latitudes 60 degrees north and south of the equator. I knew about this then as did most other people alive at the time. There was an ‘energy’ that our civilisation would physically survive the coming change.

Much discussion has ranged over what type of technology was used to construct the Giza complex. It wasn’t ropes, tackles and muscle. It was sound. Everything has a frequency - even stone. Stones were cut and lifted just by tapping into the frequencies contained within. Nothing more was needed. More than this the pyramids were self illuminating and shone brightly throughout the night. All this was possible just by changing the frequency.

I will add, for sake of argument, that the pyramids fell into disrepair, through misuse, thousands of years before the Pharaohs came into power. Cheops did not build them; he and others attempted a repair without knowing fully the original purpose of the complex. I feel this is important to know.

Life before the shift

I am asked what life was like before the change and while the Alhoo were present together with mankind?

There were 2 main cities situated on the North Antarctic coast. The first and oldest city was called Charmaran with a population of around 300,000 souls. The second city was called Charmaran Te, whose population was far more. This newer city resembled a mountain from the distance since it was building upon building rising high - almost into the clouds. Both cities were separated by a mountain range and both enjoyed temperate weather conditions throughout the year. There were very little differences in the seasons, very much like the South Africa of today. This means of course that the Antarctic land mass was situated further to the north in those days.

The Tower of Babel

"The second city was called Charmaran Te. This newer city resembled a mountain from the distance since it was building upon building rising high - almost into the clouds"...was this the city where the biblical legend of the Tower of Babel was based upon?

Life was based around subsisting on agriculture and maritime trading mostly from the east from the lands where India and China now are. This was a healthy trade that lasted many thousands of years with communities on both sides of the world developing together with very little effort. However, the Charmarans were quite spiritually evolved. This was mostly due to the patient influence of the Alhoo. Therefore, other human communities were very much attracted to them but were not allowed to cross breed. This was forbidden by the Alhoo, simply because of the time it would take to develop those other communities to a similar level enjoyed by the Charmarans. I am reminded that long life was apparent throughout the world in those days and having children, though welcome, was quite a rare occasion. It was not unusual for someone to live healthily for over a 1000 years. Try to imagine your physical body continually renewing itself in a healthy mature condition until such times that the spirit must move on. 1000 years here on Earth is quite enough time for any soul.

The short life span of this age is a by product of a further cross fertilisation processes conducted by the reptilians. However, physical life span is not such an important issue. I can tell you, however, that mankind is able to live long lives, as before, if simple measures were taken to readjust the human DNA.

Who are these reptilians?

11,500 years ago not much was known about the reptilian looking race other than they shared knowledge of space through time travel with other races such as the Alhoo of Earth. What became apparent is their low spiritual development and disdain for anything they feel is weak, even among their own kind. As I mentioned their lives are determined by time. They are not aware of a timeless present due to their low level of conscious awareness. However, this low level of conscious awareness is superbly masked by their ability to live extremely long lives and the ease at which they can control anyone who comes into contact with them.

They live on fear and are energised/empowered through this. The reptilians became the dominant controlling entity on Earth because of their abilities to sustain themselves here. The Alhoo, while they have never left, can never be permanently resident. However, it must be known that the Alhoo do live through us since we are them and they are us. We are no different from the Alhoo when all is said and done. The Alhoo are essentially now space dwellers and are far in advance of the reptilians.

Now, the reptilians know very well that the Alhoo started civilisation here on Earth doing so through the early human forms and that we, the current form of humankind, look and think very much like them. They also know that we have a level of conscious awareness that can be easily affected through fear in order to gain our compliance. That fear network has been with us and developed by them throughout this current age. All through this present time the reptilians have held kingship over mankind, dominating and controlling all aspects of our physical lives on Earth. This age has been marked by them as one of continual conflict and forced manipulation shaped by fear. The Alhoo have been aware of this, but to them, as it is to us, time means nothing at all. Time is meaningless even in the physical world we think we know so well.

Now, the Alhoo will change this experience once it has seen itself out. The reptilian experience is about to end and of course they do not wish it to end and are trying extremely hard to ensure it doesn’t. They cannot and will not, understand that their experience here is transitory. They believe it is eternal, since they are unable, at any level, to comprehend otherwise.


Throughout the world people are becoming more and more aware of themselves and giving themselves time to think away from the fear generated by their rulers, whether they are democratically elected or not. People now are more aware than they have been since the last change that took place 11,500 years ago. They recall who they are and what they know to be as spiritual beings first and infinite as opposed to being physical beings with one life only – that being this life. That awareness will spread leading to the probability that all power held by the reptilians will be lost leaving them very isolated but more physically dangerous than ever. No matter, their time here will pass suddenly. Will they move on? I do not yet know. All I know is that they will lose the power of fear over mankind and by doing so lose any level of power they now hold."