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September 21, 2009

This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. You are nearing the one-year mark since peoples of all nations jubilantly heralded the outcome of the US presidential election and the high energy of Change! radiated throughout your world. Now there is pervasive resistance to change, with hardliners seemingly as firmly entrenched as ever. Please do not feel discouraged! Opposition to reforms is a natural and inevitable reaction during this late phase of Earth’s ascension out of third density.

Let us put this into the context of an evening at the theater. The audience is absorbed in the play, a very long story that has dragged on and on with repetitive acts, when suddenly strangers start coming on stage. The cast loudly objects to these newcomers, whose conversations don’t fit at all into the storyline, and the audience is confused by the commotion. While some shout for the familiar story to continue, others say they are tired of that play and want to hear what these new folks on stage have to say.

Now, putting that same scenario onto your world’s stage, the Illuminati have long profited from that play, which was written ages ago by their preceding generations, and they are resisting all attempts to bring down the curtain on their production. The strangers, some already on stage and others waiting in the wings, are the new and the upcoming leaders who have an entirely different script, one that includes the voice of all who never have been granted a public hearing.

That is a microcosmic view of what is being played out in your world, where the “audience” sees widespread confusion but doesn’t know what is underlying the turmoil. While many are optimistically welcoming change, others don’t want anything to upset what they are accustomed to, and only a comparative handful of individuals understands that the force that is driving both “casts” to dominate the stage also is evoking the differing reactions of observers—that force is the vibratory level Earth has reached, and it is accelerating life itself.

The vibrations are the cause of “good” and “bad”—the duality in human nature—becoming more obvious. In communities around the world there are ever-increasing exposures of dishonest civil servants, child molesters, cheaters in businesses, cruelty to humankind and animals, and other formerly unknown or unpublicized acts of brutality and immorality. This is happening at one end of the emotional spectrum, and at the other is unprecedented compassion for and caring assistance to peoples locally and in far distant countries. You are witnessing the duality in third density life making a strong statement before its last gasp, and despite frantic attempts by dark minds to keep duality going strong, it has served its purpose on your “schoolhouse planet” and soon will disappear from Earth.

Desperate to hold onto their fast-eroding power, the Illuminati are trying to keep the masses confused, angry and divided because their Plans A and B have failed. Plan A was to prevent the light from entering souls by keeping the peoples in fear, because the energy of fear blocks the incoming light, and that plan worked successfully for centuries. Fear is such a powerful energy that the psyche cannot long sustain that emotion, so the Illuminati kept jolting the collective consciousness with a series of circumstances and events such as wars, famines, oppressive regimes, heavy taxation, diseases, assassinations—anything that would keep the populace living in fearful times. Plan A went awry after “9/11,” which the Illuminati considered their great triumph. The truth is, all souls who perished had agreed to their roles in this pivotal event, and it also was ordained that lightworkers on and off-planet would prevent all subsequent major terror attempts, and they have done so on numerous occasions.

Those failures to keep “the war on global terrorism” in the forefront of all minds are what doomed Plan A and led to Plan B—putting the global economy in chaos. Briefly that appeared to be working well for the Illuminati, but now they are seeing that plan backfiring. Instead of their gaining even greater control of international monies and the world’s natural resources, they are precariously close to losing it all, so they are implementing Plan C: Create confusion, anger and divisiveness by arousing opposition to all reform efforts.

That is why you are seeing vehement pro and con arguments as the extremes of duality are being expressed in various ways throughout your world. Consider the swine flu “pandemic,” with the pharmaceutical/medical establishment, abetted by the media, urging everyone to get flu shots while others are doing their best to warn about the dangers of vaccines. At the same time individuals and groups are doubling efforts to preserve the environment, others are bent upon destroying more lands and seas and wildlife. Aid to relieve the suffering of starving and displaced peoples is being blocked by obstinate rulers. Political in-fighting at all levels of government is taking precedence over the needs of the citizenry, who themselves are divided as to what will best serve their communities and countries.

When Earth reaches still higher vibrations, the dissention will be reconciled into harmonious cooperation for the good of all. But in this moment, the energy produced by opposing sides of issues that profoundly affect life in your world is the only development on the planet wherein the Illuminati can see any hope of success.

By no means are we saying that anyone who wants to maintain the status quo is aligned with the Illuminati’s adamant resistance to change!

However, many are beguiled by that dark group’s strategy of blatantly lying and whatever else it takes to make change seem scary. Of course the Illuminati are interested only in blocking change that further will erode their power—that kind of change absolutely IS scary to them. It portends the end of their long reign, and indeed that end is fast approaching as everything with dark intent is being uprooted so it can be done away with. The unstoppable intensity of the light is propelling Earth ever closer to the Golden Age, where no darkness of any kind can exist.

Let us speak for a moment about the year 2012, which is commonly associated with the dawn of the Golden Age. Your calendars cannot correctly indicate the duration of Earth’s journey into that era because the increasingly higher density energies of her course are accelerating time as you perceive it. Change will come faster and more emphatically as the days pass, and the days will be passing with increasing speed.

During this transition leading to 2012, synchronous events are bounding into each life, offering experiences in accordance with soul contract choices. The appropriate meetings and circumstances that are presented to everyone are conveyed via intuition—instantaneous reactions to new possibilities—but many do not recognize these as growth opportunities or they choose not to take action because that would entail change. We do not fault these souls and we love them no less, but it is sad to see the ones who chose to complete third density karmic lessons now choosing to be stuck in that density instead of joyously accompanying Earth on her journey.

Just as everything else is being accelerated, so are the results of the universal law of attraction coming more rapidly and forcefully. We cannot stress too strongly how crucial it is to focus on what you want, NOT what you don’t want!

And last, the arrival of the popularized date of December 21, 2012, does not mean that Earth humankind will have entered an era of complacent stability. The only constant in the universe is change! Not only will marvelous developments continue in all areas of your world, but spiritually and intellectually, you will continue to grow through innumerable physical lifetimes, some in worlds where life will exceed even the glories of Earth’s Golden Age.

Now let us return to this day at hand, when national and global economies are predominant in the collective thoughts. The continuing lies and manipulation of all facets of money-changing are keeping afloat the illusion that what was broken is being fixed. No, what is broken is irremediable. To the Illuminati, this spells The End, and to all who are enlightened, it spells The Beginning. However, a stormy period must be weathered before a new economic system can be firmly established. It is necessary to sweep away the crumbled corrupt foundation before a new basis for banking, commerce and fair allocation of the world’s natural wealth can be solidly built. Some of your most astute and courageous economists are saying the same, as well as what we mentioned some years ago—the United States is bankrupt, and when its economic collapse comes, and it soon shall, the fallout will be felt around the world.

Your spiritual strength and innate resourcefulness can carry you through this tumultuous period with a positive outlook—you know that the short bumpy ride is leading to the grand highway that is paved with abundance for all. Let your certainty about this shine forth like a beacon to guide others out of anxiety and confusion.

In a message some months ago, I answered the question: Why are there differences in channeled information? [February 2, 2009] You are inundated with conflicting information and we know of your confusion about what is true and what is not. Because it is vital that you use discernment and heed your intuition—it is part of soul evolvement—I think it may be helpful to expound on my answer by summarizing and adding to my reply to a recent request for my comments on material forwarded to my mother. In keeping with a “policy,” if you will, of souls in high stations, I will correct information I know to be false, but I will omit all names.


There are countless galactic and intergalactic federations, councils, unified forces, experiencing clusters, collective-soul energy fields, free-spirit civilizations and other organized souls in this universe, so I believe it is necessary to delve into this issue more deeply than the name of this group and the information purportedly from its spokesperson.

A great deal of untrue or misleading information, often fear-filled, is falsely attributed to light sources. Entities claiming to represent a group or civilization widely known to be of the light transmit untrue information to receivers who cannot discern that these sources are dark. Untrue information also is given to unsuspecting receivers by spokespersons for darkly-intentioned groups that present themselves as beings of light; and still other dark entities claim to be one or another well known, spiritually evolved soul, and they also pass on self-serving falsehoods. Some individuals on the planet disseminate their own writings or publicly “channel” their own ideas, and they attribute this information to respected light beings.

There are still other considerations. Telepathic communication has a filter inherent in the system itself. The energetic pulsing that is the source's “voice” connects with the most appropriate words in the receiver's vocabulary, and there can be enough of a gap so that the words “nudged out” may garble names and not fully accurately express the source’s meanings. Another filter is in the receiver, whose knowledge, beliefs or preconceived ideas can bleed into the transmission and distort the source’s information.

Because of all those variables, and no doubt others I have not remembered to mention, I cannot comment knowledgeably on this group, but I can refute the information attributed to it and mention other common misconceptions that have their roots in channeled messages.

Groups or individual souls immersed in darkness cannot approach the protective grid of Christed light energy that surrounds the planet—light is anathema to their dark essence.

The dark forces, a vast and powerful energy field that can roam the heavens and cause chaos, even the death of entire civilizations and their planet homelands, no longer is near your solar system. When distant civilizations started beaming intense light to Earth, that force field left because it cannot tolerate light.

The spiritually and technologically evolved civilizations that God authorized to start helping Earth about 70 years ago are unquestionably of the light. It was light from some of those powerful civilizations that drove away the dark forces. When it is safe to do so, some of the millions of light beings surrounding the planet in spacecraft will land to share their technology and otherwise assist Earth and her life forms, then return to their homelands.

Souls of both the light and the dark have lived on the planet from the beginning. As Earth rises into higher densities where the light is more intense, the dark ones—puppets of the dark forces—will embrace the light or their physical bodies will die and the souls automatically will be drawn to worlds where the energy density matches the energy of the physical lifetime.

Some messages claim that spacecraft will evacuate Earth's residents before the cleansing destroys much of the planet, and when the people are returned, they will have to live underground because the surface will be uninhabitable for many years. Evacuation will not be necessary for any reason, and far from Earth's surface becoming uninhabitable, it will be restored to its original paradise with amazing speed.

It is essential to be discerning about information from every external source. Your soul knows the truth, and your intuition—messages from your soul to your consciousness—always is your best source of information.


I thought of something else that is pertinent here. Because so many people rely on the Internet for information, it has become a prime misinformation outlet, including postings by individuals employed by dark minds to compose “channeled” messages and ascribe false and frightening information to sources well known as highly evolved souls. So much for doubting the existence of intelligent life anywhere except on Earth!

Now then, to briefly address other issues of interest:

Absorbing light, which is as simple as living in godly ways, is the body’s best defense against the toxic elements in chemtrails and all other forms of pollution. Light strengthens the immune system and helps to achieve and maintain the balance that promotes healthy bodies, minds and spirits. “Bombing the moon” is a ploy to engender fear, but if such foolhardiness were ever tried, it would not be successful. In honoring Earth’s free will choice that no careless or deliberately malevolent act can devastate her body or her life forms, God has authorized civilizations with the technology to prevent all such efforts to do so.

Other information in circulation also is designed specifically to create fear. For example, grains, fruits and vegetables produced by grafting have been consumed for decades with no adverse health effects, so from whence came the idea that “genetically modified foods” are harmful? The more recent production of seeds that cannot produce future crops is another matter—like other developments devised with dark intent, it also will be short-lived. Time is fast running out for anything and everything born of darkness!

When prayers for a beloved person to recover from a serious illness are not answered, it is not because the pray-er encroached upon that person’s free will, but because the person’s soul contract choice to exit physical life at that time takes precedence. The energy sent forth by your thoughts and feelings is a “love boomerang” that blesses the soul for whom you are praying and gently returns to strengthen your spirit.

Sending light to those who are living in darkness has the same effect at their soul level, even if not at conscious level, and the benevolence of that act brings light to the sender.

A petition to amend one’s soul contract is done at soul level, because only at that level can it be known if the person’s life circumstances are harsher than the experiencing chosen prior to birth. It is on the basis of excessive suffering that the petitions are granted.

Concerns about a possible drastic shift in Earth’s axis are due to lack of universal knowledge, namely that about seventy years ago in your linear time, the planet was so out of balance that it was dangerously close to being pulled out of orbit; and ever since that time a powerful infusion of light from distant sources has been stabilizing Earth’s orbit along her ascension pathway.

In addition to the symbolism that some are interpreting in the increasingly complex crop circles, the formations show that whoever is executing these intricate designs has the technological expertise to apply it to many other fields—no pun is intended there. With the rapid acceleration of what you call time, it can said that “in no time” the creators of these astounding formations and their colleagues will be assisting you in many, more practical, ways.

One more very important note about the effects of acceleration. Disclosure of ages old deception is on your very near horizon, and once there is the first hole in the dike that has been holding back long hidden truths, the outpouring will create shock waves around your world. The enormity of lies, greed, collusion, corruption and heinous acts committed by groups under the Illuminati umbrella will be staggering as they are disclosed, but more so will be the emergence of truth about religions and their dogmas. Everything that the darkness has contrived to enslave Earth’s peoples for millennia literally will “come to light” after a period of great upheaval.

You have been assured repeatedly by numerous messengers of the light that you are powerful souls, superbly prepared to deal with these unique times at hand. If only you could know yourselves as we do! One day you shall, but in this moment, please hold in your hearts these truths: As experiencing aspects of God’s and Creator’s infinite and eternal love, you are god-and goddess-selves with unlimited potential. Light beings are traveling unseen alongside you and countless others throughout the universe are cheering you ever onward.



Suzanne Ward
Website: The Matthew Books

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