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SaLuSa, February 9, 2011

There is activity all around the world, and much of it is signaling that changes are afoot. The awakening has reached people who have no direct interest or knowledge of Ascension, yet their senses tell them what has been wrong for a long time, and if Man is to go forward changes must take place. Suddenly the group consciousness is expanding and moving into the Light, which is inspiring people to achieve greater things for the good of all. There is an understanding of the need to remove the barriers between people, that have often been falsely erected. It is seen that there needs to be a coming together through which much more can be achieved. Government officials often through military action try to prevent it, as they are scared of the forces facing them. We have often referred to people power, and it is growing at a fast rate that is bonding people together.

With our presence even if you are not fully aware of what we are doing, the energies around Earth are playing upon the consciousness of many who see it is their duty to take action. Once they start coming together you will see the commencement of the moves that will motivate people in positions of power to get things done. The energies for change are unstoppable and cannot be delayed very much longer. If you are looking for a lead in the political arena look no further than President Obama, as he is the man for the times you are in and is in recognition of the role he is to play. Listen carefully to his words as he speaks to those who are spiritually aware, and if they have ears to hear his real meaning they will know what is coming. America has always been given the role of world leader, but soon they will fulfill their real promise to lead you all out of the darkness. Naturally changes will have to take place before that is possible, and not until the last cabal is removed from its positions of power. Once that has happened the way becomes clear to go speeding forward.

Be assured that out of the chaos that exists at present, opportunities are presenting themselves for our allies to move in. With our ability to know exactly what is taking place we can pre-empt any attempts to prevent progress being made. It is the time of change as planned and we have the authority to do whatever is necessary to ensure success. We will still work within the Universal Laws, and no action of ours will cause the death of any soul. If the needs be we will remove any person who is endangered by us and transport them elsewhere. By our actions you shall know beyond doubt that we do come in peace. We live by our dedication to the Creator and treat all life as being sacred. You too will one day have reached those levels, and indeed some of you are already there. The transformation from your present level of consciousness to a higher one will be quite dramatic, and happen very quickly. Each day you get nearer to the end of this cycle the energies are rapidly lifting you up. A whole series of inputs that are carefully planned to do it, are changing the structure of your body cells as they become crystalline. It will have been completed by the time you ascend. You will then have become a Being of a higher consciousness, ready to move into the 5th. Dimension of beauty and harmony unlike anything you have experienced upon Earth.

You can all do your part by remaining calm and continuing to spread your Light wherever you are. Bear in mind that the Light is also needed by those of the dark side if they are to respond to a calling within to rise up. Their flame will always be alight and cannot be extinguished, but they need reminding of their own connection with All That Is. Help those dear Ones who hold onto their faith, that goodness will outdo the darkness that others carry around with them. They carry their Light for all to see, and know that it will prove victorious. The more Light they receive the more powerful their energies will become, and they will achieve their aims to bring freedom back into their lives.

You must realize by now that what you do for one you do for all, so the sooner you work together the sooner you will get results. Meditate together and send out Love and Light, and you will be doing a great service for Mankind. Remember Mother Earth who toils under the barrage of Man’s indifference to her needs. She pleads for help and without it will have to reluctantly instigate her own ways of cleansing the Earth. That Dear Ones will unavoidably cause problems for you but as we have always intimated, we are allowed to lessen the affects upon you. It is through the recognition of the Oneness of all life forms, that you will find your Higher Self and thereon can lead a more purposeful life. It will finally give you much joy when you realize that you have played your part in bringing a happy ending to the cycle of duality. How the next two years are experienced, has a lot to do with your contribution to ensuring it reaches Ascension with as few problems as possible.

The Galactic Federation is with you at every step of the way forward, and we will inspire you and guide where we can. You can call on us just as you might do your regular lifetime Guides and Angelic presence. However, please do realize that it is not always possible to answer you in the way you might expect or desire. We will do what we can but there is a matter of your own life plan that we cannot interfere with. When in doubt take those quiet moments in your lives as an opportunity to engage your Higher Self, and most likely you will sense the answers that are given to you. At all times take notice of your intuition, as many times it has actually saved people from danger and also saved their lives. You have more help going through this period than at any time in your recent lives, so do not feel abandoned or alone because that is far from the truth. In fact you will never be fully aware of all the help you are continually given. You might however begin to now that you have been made aware of it, and look out for it in future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that at last you can see what is developing, and know that real changes are getting so near to coming out. We are at the ready to act when the circumstances are favorable, and we will be so delighted to be able to appear amongst you. There will be mixed feelings about it initially, but we know it will not take us long to overcome any doubts about our intentions towards you all. We are your Brothers and Sisters from Space and we regard you as one of us, and love you all without reservation.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"I am not sure you will print this because of my religious beliefs, but things have been happening lately in the realm of Christianity which parallels the writings of SaLuSa. Born-Again Christians call upon the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts every day (not just Sundays), and lately many of us have sensed a sort of urgency in our present time. We know that the time of the era we live in is growing shorter. I realize that the core of our beliefs may undergo an upheaval of sorts (as will everyone), yet the End Times the Bible speaks of, and also the New Era afterward, correlates in a general sense to the Ascension that many channelers are speaking about.
Christians are called to minister to all people in need in this present time, and Jesus himself called his disciples to go into all the world to bring people into the Light, and away from the powers of darkness. He said the most important thing is to love one another.
Many times during prayer and meditation I have received instruction (some of which I haven't wanted to hear, but was for my own good), and sometimes I have had to go by pure intuition, which has never proved wrong.
I know without a doubt that God loves me more than I can possibly imagine, and anything that happens in the near future I need not fear. God can use anyone, Earthling or no, to bring His Plan to fruition.
Some Christians are reluctant and skeptical about embracing the Age to come if it does not follow word for word what they expect, but many of us know in our heart that the coming age is nothing less than the will of our Creator, and we look forward to embracing it. Soon we can all shed our prejudices about each other and revel together in the Truth and Light!
With Love,
Angel" (02-10-'11)

Our reply:

"Hi Angel,
Thanks for your comment. I have no problem printing this at all, because I think that you say wise words and you have a healthy attitude towards things. It's always good to look at the developments from a different perspective. I think there's nothing wrong with being a christian or a follower of any religion for that matter, as long as you allow others to have their own view. Nobody knows the complete truth about God and Creator anyway. It's the love that we feel and show for each other that counts. So I say, "Amen" to your comment, Angel :)
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (02-10-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you SaLuSa and Mike for bringing a sense of balance via your messages, to so many. So many of us are out here working with you for the highest good of all as we walk through uncharted territory. In my deepest knowing, I recognize President Obama for who he is, and gratitude flows. The opposition is hard on him, and there are many who would have us believe that he is aligned fully with the dark ones. This confuses many. We work down here to reassure and to keep the light burning as we assist others to be grounded and stay focused on the Light.
Many blessings, much gratitude, and lots of love,
Lynne" (02-09-'11)

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