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SaLuSa, March 9, 2011

Peace will come to Earth because you have willed it to be so, but peace comes at a price and many dear souls have put themselves forward to achieve it. The battles are being fought now, and not necessarily on a physical level. There are mental battles taking place and when the power of Light becomes the dominant force, success will be achieved without bloodshed. Our presence will help your efforts to bring the changes about, but some people will not go quietly. We are monitoring all events on Earth, and will try to stop outside interference into the affairs of another country. It should always be the natural inhabitants that first make the moves for change. It is only when requested that outside help can be given, and even then it must be for the highest motives.

Clearly the transition period for the world will run into several more months, but some countries will advance much quicker than others. Generally speaking, it will be the more advanced countries that will be the slowest to respond to public calls for change. The Illuminati has more power where they are concerned, and progress can be very slow. However, our allies have long identified those who stand in the way, and every effort continues to have them removed. One fact stands out and that is the longer these matters are unresolved, the more people are standing up and making the truth known. There will gradually come an immovable force that will ensure that those who use it, will gain much support and protection to carry out their task. Your intuition will determine whom to support, and you need to exercise care because of the disinformation that is also around.

Each time a period of chaos is reached it galvanises more people into action, so with them comes a force for good that can solve the problem. We have often spoken of people power, and it has never been as strong as it is at present. You have seen already what it can achieve in the Middle East. In some countries that are more democratic it will be possible to use that method to bring changes about. However, you are up against a controlled media that still lacks freedom of speech, and this is where your Internet comes into its own. Its value is in its ability to draw hundreds, if not thousands of people together in a common cause. It is because of them that the energy levels are raised exponentially, and eventually bring a response. After all everything is energy and there is an interaction between it.

These are times when you can expect to notice changes within your own consciousness levels, that are rising up in response to the increasing levels of energy around you. Calmness and an ability to maintain it would be one such indication, and it will become evident amongst more people as the weeks pass by. It is the special days when there are powerful alignments, which are making a considerable difference. One such occasion will occur with the Vernal Equinox on the 20th. March, and as the year passes will include a really powerful alignment on the 11th. November. These are all part of the build up to your preparations for the final year of Ascension. By then you will have had your proof of what an important period you are entering, and will also have actively experienced some of the major changes promised to you.

There is so much that is coming your way by way of change that it would be difficult to visualise without some guidance. Transport for example is still going to be essential, but where it is inspired by any form of combustion engine, will be superseded by pollution free drives, and the use of electro-magnetic energy. Much of your local travel will be underground, but small spacecraft will be available for longer journeys overseas. How it develops is up to a certain point your responsibility, but we will freely give you the technology required. Some of it is already being secretly used for the black operations of the US Government, as also for the means of “beaming up” people. You have for some time heard about free energy, and that will power many devices that are quite simplistic in their design. They are also cheap to manufacture, and mass production will ensure that there is no problem regardless of whatever quantities are needed.

The Oil Industry will eventually be made redundant, and at a stroke rid you of a major source of pollution. This will aid our projects to clear existing pollution, knowing that the same conditions will not return. As the vibrations increase disease will also be less evident, and there will be a much more healthy population as a result. Drugs for medicinal use will become unnecessary, and treatments will completely move away from the necessity to use them. More advanced healing methods will be introduced, using sound, light and colour. Their value is already recognised and in use now, but it can be developed much further than it presently is. In time even all of these advances will become unnecessary, as your bodies will have become so refined as to be no longer prone to disease of any kind. Perfection exists in the higher dimensions, and such will be your power that you will create much that you use.

Where you have missed out by not being given the benefit of new technologies, we will carry you forward to an even more advanced stage. So you will experience leaps and bounds, and they will amaze you where communications are concerned. Everyone will not only be able to contact each other regardless of distance, but also see them. Furthermore there will be translation devices that will handle any existing language. Entertainment will benefit from these advancements, but programs will become a reflection of the new society that will arise from the old one. Violence and similar negative aspects will no longer feature, as you will have higher levels of consciousness that will not tolerate or desire it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and you will be introduced to many new advances as soon as we can meet with you all. We clearly know what you need and where the priorities exist, and also that you have many knowledgeable people who can quickly adapt to them. This was expected as your thoughts are helped by outside influences that have often come from us. Through such methods we have helped you advance by introducing new ideas to you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you, Mike Quinsey for delivering yet another timely message from the most wonderful intellect known as SaLuSa. I'm ever grateful for absorbing these channeled teachings on a weekly basis. Discovering this portal of knowledge arrived into my life as if heaven sent. I've been reading your offerings for almost a year now, and it's a most delightful honor for me to continue to do so.
When combining multiple reads from multiple channelers, the overall picture grows exponentially, which prepares myself, mentally and physically, all the more. The channeled concepts which are co-mingling amongst my reads ring of solid truth and does not carry the fingerprint of manmade fictitious invention. My vision reads your words SaLuSa, and my heart believes in you and your beautiful existence.
Thank you so much for arriving into so many Earthling hearts through the vehicle of the honorable Mike Quinsey. The historic efforts of you both are simply priceless to humanity and I'm humbled to be a part of this age; riding the wave of remaining time into the dissolving boundaries of a ever-morphing reality.
Thank you both so very much for all you share.
Wishings of love and light.
Daniel" (03-09-'11)

Comment from one of our readers:

"The Message on 9th march feels like a dream come true...
i hope this becomes reality not remain just a dream.
but if there is no usage of fuel.how are the economies going to run?
because its only fuel which runs everything here.how the banks going to work?
how are we going to reach our work places?
then again are we going to work like robots 9 to 5 jobs.and not see what nature has to offer ?
and i really want to connect to higher beings.please let me know how can i do that?
one more thing ..you said that we will travelling underground.
but its gonna take ages to makes tunnels and links under ground.
And what is "Vernal Equinox"
please reply to my mail..if you have time
Param" (03-10-'11)

Our reply:

"Hi Param, thanks for your comment and your questions. For a vision of our new world to come, I kindly refer you to Matthew Ward's Essay on 2012, which you can find here. There he talks about the new forms of energy, transportation systems etc.

The "Vernal Equinox" is when in spring, the axis of the Earth is aligned completely vertical towards the sun. This also happens in fall. You can read more about it here.

If you want to connect to higher beings, there are four different ways of achieving this, to my knowledge.

1) In person. I believe they very rarely do this by request. In fact, I wouldn't know of a single case. They always take the initiative, usually with people whose soul has a direct bond with them.

2) Through a medium. You could try to find a good medium close to you, or send an e-mail to a medium, a channeler for instance. Suzy Ward for instance often passes questions from her readers to matthew and he responds, even outside of their monthly messages.

3) Telepathically. For this, your vibration needs to be high enough. Most people cannot do it "just like that", they need to practice themselves at meditation. If they're advanced enough, they can contact a higher being this way.

4) Subconsciously. This is the easiest way. you just need to send out a request (just thinking of it is enough) to whomever you'd like to speak to. This energy will always reach this being. If he or she feels this would be useful, he or she can come to you in your dreams, and you can communicate with him or her. Of course, the downside of this is that usually you don't have vivid memories of it when you wake up. But sometimes you do!

So, take your pick :) Good luck!
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-10-'11)

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