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SaLuSa, February 13, 2015

The Illusion that you live whilst on Earth is of your making, because you were allowed the freedom of choice when experiencing separation from the whole. Naturally those in Spirit accompanying you through your many lives have tried to guide you towards the Light. At this stage the cycle that you are in is ending, and you are being given your last opportunity to reach the stage in your evolution when you no longer have a need to live in the lower vibrations. For as long as you have been in this cycle and for most of you that will be from the beginning some 26,500 years ago, the opportunities have existed for growth through experience. However, some souls have become so lacking in Light and attached to the lower vibrations, that they have little or no concept of how to lift themselves up, or of their true nature. Along with your Spiritual Guides, we also try to enlighten them but many are in denial. So at the end of the cycle you may be sure that every chance is taken and help given to awaken souls to their true selves.

There are however many opportunities for “lost” souls to awaken, and they are never abandoned or left to progress by themselves. Furthermore, they have all the time they need to commence their journey back to the Light. For those who have not sufficiently evolved to take their place in the higher vibrations, a new beginning in a new cycle awaits them. There is no disgrace attached to those souls who are still in the earlier stages of evolution and no lack of help to assist them back on to the path of Light. For souls who are at the end of their need for further incarnations in the lower vibrations, an awakening will be experienced and a greater understanding of the truth. The simple truth is that you are not your body, and when you return to the Mental Realms you will have no need for one but can “think” yourself into whatever form you wish.

True spiritual life is so different to what you have been used to, although you will be helped through the higher stages of your evolution. The levels that you visit between incarnations are still mainly of the lower vibrations, and you will have retained your earthly form until you have the need to incarnate again. Each time you are guided as to what changes you should make in your choice of whom to select as your parents. In some instances they are chosen for you so as to ensure you experience according to your needs, and you will have agreed to it. So even if you are presently unhappy with your parents, bear in mind that you have selected those who can give you the experiences you need to evolve. Naturally your parents have their greatest influence on you when you are young, and that period is most important to the rest of your life.

Let it be known that there could be previous occasions when your present family has been together in a different relationship to one another. So do not necessarily assume that they are new to you, although that is more often the case. Bless the souls that have agreed to be part of your life, because each one is giving of themselves for your experiences. This is of course as much for their experience as well as yours. Indeed, all souls that come into your life are playing out their life plan, so that each of you have a responsibility to each other. Souls will come and go in your life as needed, so always handle new friends with care as they may be important to you. When they are to be an important part of your life, you may be assured that you will maintain that link with them. If they are simply chance meetings then they may not play any further part in your life at all.

Throughout the world there is upheaval because the old ways no longer work, and those in charge cling onto their authority but to no avail. Sometimes this results in violence as neither side will concede defeat, but before long you will see that those who represent the Light take charge. They cannot necessarily bring changes in immediately, but like President Obama have to bide their time doing what they can, whilst holding positions of power. Be assured that the Light will win the day, and whilst there will still be obstructions to it they cannot stop the inevitable victory that the Forces of Light are striving for. Knowing this should help you weather the storm because no matter what happens, the ultimate victory is assured. All we can ask of you is to continue being strong in your resolve to keep to your path, and help the Light to completely overcome the dark energies.

The journey has been long and arduous to reach this stage of your evolution. However, the Light has always been present and carefully worked to uphold the Truth that has been gradually brought to light. To some it has been too much to comprehend, but the Truth will always stand firm and lasting whilst anything less fades away. Now is the time of awakening and the forces of Light will be active in helping souls to lift up and accept that their true selves are also of the Light. You are powerful souls without a true understanding of your potential, and as you go deeper into the Light so you will have amazing experiences and revelations.

Our soon to be meetings with you will open the door to truth as you would understand it, and enable you to throw off anything less. Sometimes it is difficult to express it in words that you use as they have their limitation, but anything less than the Light will not feel right and you will be able to discard it. For too long you have been fed with all manner of false information, but now you are wiser and more experienced and able to discern the truth from anything less. Trust your intuition and if still in doubt wait until your experiences put you on the right path. You have many souls in Spirit who not only closely follow your progress, but will often come close to you to impress the truth upon you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and enjoy the greater degree of freedom to pass on to you many truths that will make your progress so much easier. It is only in recent times that your consciousness has grown sufficiently for us to give you more information for your consideration. It has now become worthwhile as so many souls are awakening to the truth. I leave you my blessings and love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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