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SaLuSa, February 14, 2011

You have come a long way in your evolution to have reached this point in time. This cycle has been one where you have touched the depths of darkness, yet in spite of the experiences you have gone through, have found your way back to the Light. On the one hand it would not do to have a complete recall of what you have gone through, but if you had you would fully appreciate what a magnificent achievement it has been. You are not so to say out of the woods yet, but with a better understanding of what remains before Ascension, you should successfully cope with it. Those unawakened souls that see only doom and gloom can be forgiven for dropping into moods of despair, without seeing hope for the future.

However, as each challenge arises those who have a more positive outlook, see the problems as opportunities to move into a new era of peace and cooperation. It is a matter of having faith in those who are lifted up, who come forward and speak of the way in which a quantum leap can be achieved. They require your support and the more people that think positively, it will bring about a conscious desire to bring the changes into being. It is not even necessary that the answers be known, but that the energies of intent are sent out. When they reach a certain level such as critical mass, there will be a manifestation of such proportions that it will be unstoppable. Indeed, you are beginning to see such results beginning to surface now, and it sets up greater possibilities of events like Disclosure taking place.

There are in fact a number of possible announcements that are nearly ready to be brought into the open. The world situation is making many countries more receptive to approving what is planned, as clearly progress will not be made if there is serious opposition to them. The days of working solely for self-preservation are nearly over, and decisions are to be made for the good of everyone. Their needs may be vastly different, but that is where we come in with our backing capable of handling any problem regardless of its size. We know which people will excel when their expertise is required, and there will be many political problems to sort out. Most of our principle contacts are aware of their responsibilities and some have been contacted directly, but it is not unusual for it to take place when they are out of the body during their sleep. Should you wonder how common such experiences are, we must tell you that virtually every soul leaves the body at such times. Much good work can be done through such opportunities to meet you. Normally you will meet your friends and loved ones who have already passed on. Sometimes you bring waking memories back with you, but are likely to put them down to dreams.

You are beginning to realize that you are much more than your physical body. You are an immortal soul that has infinite life, and your real home is not in the lower vibrations. You are in reality godlike souls with immense powers of creation, and the ability to reach levels of Christ Consciousness. Duality is nothing more than a hologram, produced to enable you to equally experience the dark and Light in a freewill dimension. After many cycles and hundreds of lives, your time in duality is now reaching a conclusion, and you are attracting immense attention. Many other civilizations are avidly watching to see how you get on, and aware that the Galactic Federation is ensuring that you complete your time successfully. We have often informed you of the fact that you are to ascend with your uplifted physical body that will change to a crystalline structure, and that will be unique. You can imagine how masses of Beings often from very high dimensions are involved in the changes, and why there cannot be other than a complete success.

Dear Ones please go with the flow and look for all that is going to ensure a positive outcome. Ignore the negative aspects often resulting from the intent of some souls to destroy what you have achieved so far, and confuse you with disinformation. If something does not ring true set it aside, and you can always come back to it if necessary. The revelations about Humanity will give you the truth about your history, and open your eyes to recent events that are far from what you are led to believe. You will learn to be more discerning and quite easily able to identify false information meant to take you from your path. Believe us when we tell you that the dark Ones are fully aware of Ascension, and try their best or worst, to stop you making it. For every soul that turns to the Light they are losing their control, and know that they cannot achieve their aims for total domination of the world and its population.

The Internet is your source of largely truthful information and we look forward to the day which is coming, when the media is also able to freely and truthfully report events. Communications is one of the areas that we shall address, and we shall make easier for everyone to contact each other regardless of where they are in the world. Eventually you shall develop to our levels of telepathic contact, and some of you are beginning to experience it quite normally. The new Human will become unrecognizable to what you are now, not so much in appearance but in your abilities that come with being a Galactic Being. It is more the real you and you will join our Federation, if that measures with your future plans for the next step in your evolution.

If you feel excited at the prospects of ascending, you have every right to be so as everything will be quite different to what you experience now. To say you were leaving Hell for Heaven would not be an exaggeration, although neither exists quite as your religious teachings suggest. Yes, the higher dimensions are heavenly and a state of bliss and absolute happiness. Life is one continual joyous experience and there is harmony between all life forms. It is the beauty of everything without the beast, and the consciousness levels of all life means that it is constantly in touch with you. Some people already talk to their plants and animals but very few hear them talk back, but you will once in the higher dimensions.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and love the opportunity to uplift you out of the morass of so much negative energy that is on Earth. It will be cleansed in due course as all of the lower vibrations are transmuted. The Love and Light will permeate the Earth as it is also prepared for Ascension.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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