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SaLuSa, November 15, 2010

Let no one take you from the path you have decided is correct for you. You planned your life with all major decisions made in advance, and your spiritual experiences laid out for you so that your evolution advances. Clearly as you are all at different stages of understanding, it would follow that your life would follow a plan that would specifically fulfill your needs. Therefore although many souls may have Ascension as their goal, there could not be just the one path leading to it. By all means enrich your knowledge by learning about the various beliefs, but in the final reckoning follow your own intuitive feelings. You may not always be right but it will be your path for better or worse. Sometimes you may attract undesirable experiences, yet they are meant to be steps that give you the strength and motivation to continue your quest for knowledge.

You are gifted the opportunity to evolve at a pace that suits you, and no one is pushing you to move faster. However, if you are intent on ascending you cannot wait for it to come to you, so work towards completion by living life to your highest ideals. Walk in love and Light as the serene and peaceful Being you really are, and spread the joy and happiness you are capable of and you will be successful. At the same time because your vibrations are increasing, you will attract yet more Light to yourself. The challenge to hold your Light is not easy when all around you the lower vibrations are encountered. However, because of who you are, you have the power to focus upon your heart centre and surround yourself with powerful love energies. That is all you need for your protection, as it will deflect or transmute the dark energies.

Ascension is but one major step on your evolutionary path, and it will always continue as you rise up through the dimensions. In fact it will become easier as never again will you encounter such massive opposition, as you have faced upon Earth. What you have done by dropping into the lower dimensions is seen as a most courageous act, yet you knew it would enrich your knowledge and understanding of life much quicker than the higher ones you left behind you. By holding onto the faith you had when that took place, it will carry you to the end of the cycle safely and successfully. As you look back to the beginning of this century, you will no doubt agree that time has been accelerating and it seems to have passed in a flash, and it will continue to do so. The dark Ones are also feeling the same affect, and together with the restrictions we have placed upon them realize that their cause is lost. Their reluctance to withdraw and allow the changes to commence makes no difference, as what is planned will proceed as intended.

We know that some of you have tired of the delay, and many are in great need of material help. Have no fear that they will not be attended to, as we are looking at the bigger picture and once things begin to happen there will be worldwide changes. It really will not take long to establish a fair distribution of wealth and material benefits. Bear in mind that such changes are only the start of an immense program that will continue after Ascension. It will not be until after you have ascended, that you will experience the beauty and harmony of the higher dimension. In your present one it just cannot come into being, but nevertheless you will move into a greater degree of prosperity and happiness than previously. Moving out of the physical vibrations into those of Light will reveal a wonderful beautiful existence, which is constant where nothing discordant can materialize. Only those souls of Light will inhabit such levels, and on a personal basis it will reflect what you achieved over the period you have been in duality.

We are already in those higher dimensions, and at times some of you have been allowed to visit us. Your lasting impression is how uplifting the energies are, and the gentle light that seems to emanate from all objects. The whole atmosphere is one of peace, and all Beings that you meet can be clearly felt as giving out the love vibration. Is it no wonder that visitors want to remain in the Light, as by comparison they realize how the Earth’s energies are heavy and cloying. Well Dear Ones, you do not have too long now before it all becomes your reality. The first steps will be to lift you out of the low vibrations you presently exist in, and our actions will do so by removing the cause of you being imprisoned on your own planet. Most important will be the taking away of the power the dark Ones still have over you. They will have to resign in the face of the divine decree, that if necessary authorizes us to forcibly remove them. We do not mean physical force, but nevertheless technology that will prevent them from resisting our demands.

What you will notice more than in the past few years, is that your own feelings and expression of them has become more gentle and caring. The aggressiveness and sharpness of people’s attitude to each other has softened, and anything else seems to be so out of place and even unnecessary. This is to be encouraged as the dark Ones have used the media to cloud your mind to your true Self, into believing that you need to be strong and assertive by dominating each other. In fact the trend has been to heighten the differences and instead of bringing you together, and to cause reasons for separation. Attitudes must change and the sovereignty of each person acknowledged and respected. It is your godly duty to care for each other; such as we are doing within the Galactic Federation where your civilization is concerned. We do not judge your actions, as we do understand that you are continually being pulled into the lower vibrations by what is occurring around you.

It is indeed the challenge of duality that is strengthening your resolve to overcome it, and you are helped once you express the intent to do so. As you clear your old karmic debt so you will gravitate more to the Light, and have less baggage to carry forward into the final period of duality. It must be cleared in one way or another, and that was your undertaking when you entered this lifetime. However, as we have mentioned before, the Law of Grace can operate to draw a line under it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send my love and blessings to all of you dear souls.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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