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SaLuSa, February 21, 2011

Let no one put you off your path, and be resolute and determined to achieve what you know inwardly is your life plan. This lifetime is the most important one that you will have entered in recent times. You have built up towards it with the object of ascending, and what better success could you possibly have knowing that this cycle is coming to an end. If you cannot yet equate with such an achievement, consider the possibility that you are still in a karmic situation and not totally free from lessons to be learnt. However, whilst time is becoming short you can still aspire to being part of Ascension, and can incorporate it into your life. Be assured that once you express the intent to do so, you will receive immense help. Doing so will give you the opportunity to leave the old ways behind, and become a free soul unhindered by the constant presence of the lower energies. You will never regret moving on from the present dimension, as it is not your true reality and far from the higher ones where you came from.

What many have been telling you about the changes, is in front of you and they have only just begun. As you have already seen they are beginning to manifest in other countries where oppression has been the order of the day. Do not think that because you live in a modern society that changes are unnecessary, as we are talking about all that is necessary to give you back your rights as a Sovereign Being. Life should have, and could have been much, much better than what you have experienced. There has always been sufficient wealth and resources in the world for everyone to live an abundant and happy life. The fact you have not is because you were deliberately denied your entitlement and kept down in a constant state of need. To describe your position as slaves to the establishment is by no means far fetched, except that many people do not realize that they are not free.

Soon you will taste freedom as the changes come into being but naturally it requires your cooperation, as it is not meant to place anyone above another. Equality, opportunity and the status of all beings will be raised up so that you become one nation that works for the good of all. The divisive means that are presently used to keep you separated will be removed, and there will be a coming together of politics, science and religion. Each will remove whatever proves to be without a true foundation, and with it an allowance for free expression. In part our coming will assist to these ends, as we will enlighten you as the where the changes need to be introduced. Much information and teachings are quite inappropriate for the New Age that is rapidly approaching. However, we leave you as individuals to follow your own beliefs, as there is no pressure applied by us but simply a placing before you what is considered to be the truth.

All of what is happening is part of a greater plan to raise your Universe to a higher level, and is overseen the energy that you call God carrying out the desires of the Supreme Creator. Your little blue planet is in one way insignificant at the far reaches of the Universe, yet it holds such great importance from a spiritual point of view. It has been a very special one where you the Great Beings are fully protected from outside interference as you see out the final chapter of duality. We acknowledge your brave acceptance of losing contact with your true Self, that is your Higher Self, to experience the lower vibrations. You could in different circumstances have remained in a separated state for eons of time, and experienced a loss of memory as to whom you really were. You are receiving our accolades for keeping to your task to rise up into the Light. We and many other Beings have worked tirelessly to help you awaken, and our patience has been rewarded by your recent response. Your success has meant that your levels of consciousness have risen sufficiently, to overcome the final assaults against you by the Illuminati and their minions.

The situation cannot now be reversed as you hold the ascendant position, and progress is speeding ahead. The powerful energies you are giving out are your assurance that the dark Ones will have no option but to give up their plan. They are obstinately holding on and having their last gasps hoping for some revival of their fortunes, but it is not to be. Those Beings who work with us and for us, are waiting for a signal to carry out their assignment and are ready to spring into action. This is certainly no time to lose faith or allow fear to creep into your lives. Raise your sights onto the path you see opening up before you, and give no succor to the dark Ones now that they are rapidly losing their power. There will be no retribution on our part as justice is an issue that will come into being of its own accord. Every single soul that set out to experience duality is of the Light, and those that have fallen are just as much in need of the Love and Light as any other soul. There is always a way back if the desire exists to return to the Light, and there are great Beings who work from levels of pure Light that hold out a helping hand. No one wants to see a soul dig itself into a bottomless pit, as we are All One and each soul is intended to eventually return to the Source.

Foremost think of yourselves as Spiritual Beings, and see your human experience as a great step up in your evolution. You will never stop learning albeit when in the Light of the higher realms, it is at a much slower pace because the challenges are not as fierce or difficult as when in duality. In time you will remember your success, and the attachment to your lower experiences will fade away so that only beauty and harmony will surround you. You are not meant to carry the burden of every single experience, and certainly not when you have been in the league with the dark Ones. Oh yes Dear Ones, you have been from one extreme to the other as part of your experience. How else would you have grown and moved beyond duality unless you understood it.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bit by bit we have given you the truth of your time on Earth, the importance of understanding Mother Earth, and how you may ensure your release from the lower vibrations. We as the Galactic Federation have followed your progress for eons of time, and your success is also ours. We greet you back home from a victory over the darkness that has been a great adventure for us all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello again. I have a question that may have been touched upon briefly over the years, but I am not completely satisfied in my understanding. It is often mentioned how we are in a dimension of duality, and further, that we chose to come here. I have heard others say (most notably, Sylvia Browne) that we make the choice while still in the bliss of the higher realms, and thus, when confronted with the fact that we chose this, are often in disbelief. Knowing that duality is so difficult and involves the sadness, pain, etc., why would we choose to come here? In fact, why does it exist at all as an option, if there is only the ultimate Oneness of all?
Sam" (02-21-'11)

Our reply:

"Hi Sam, nice to hear from you again. I've often asked that same question. Apparently having these experiences in duality is beneficial to the growth of our souls, and once you evolve into higher dimensions, it will be easier for you to help other souls who still live in difficult circumstances.
I can accept that, but the question is - if Prime Creator created everything, why did he create evil? Just to get a kick out of it? I know it's impossible to try and understand what moved him to do this, as he is such a magnificent being and we're only looking at him from a 3D point of view, but still...I've often felt like I was here to clean up the mess that didn't even need to be here in the first place.
I know the 'official' story is that he didn't necessarily create evil himself, he just gave the first Archangels free will and one of them, called Lucifer, chose to experience with lower vibrations and then it got from bad to worse. But still...if those lower vibrations hadn't existed, this all could never have happened.
So, I don't know the answer to that question, Sam! All I know is that I sure hope that I never, ever have to experience something like this again. I'm certain most lightworkers will feel the same. Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (02-21-'11)

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