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A Message from Mike Quinsey - 22 December 2017

Mike Quinsey

I thought it would be nice to finish up the year with a message of my own. I feel it is vitally important that a soul who knows it is well on the path to becoming ready for Ascension, should be aware of some of the changes that are now in place, or are expected in the near future.

After 21.12.2012 most people felt let down by an apparent non-event when something big was well publicised to happen, that brought about high expectations of a likely Earth shattering event. To my knowledge most people expected to either feel, or become aware of some notable change, but were disappointed not to at least feel that something had actually taken place. What they didn’t know was that they were at the crossroads, and depending on whether the Light vibrations were strong enough would determine whether or not Humanity was destined or not to stay on their existing path. If they were it was one where they were likely to be doomed to annihilation and even the destruction of Earth. However much against expectations there was the ½ of 1% that was needed for there to be peace on Earth, and it was achieved by the people themselves. Projections of the future indicated that the alternative path of higher vibrations would lead directly to Ascension, and the same new energy has seeded the Middle East for peace amongst its people. So well done to those of you who have been steadfast and determined to successfully raise your vibrations, and have been able to do so.

The question that immediately arises is why the various sources of Light did not explain exactly what was important about the end of the cycle, and was likely to happen. Although some sources expected Armageddon in accordance with the old prophecies, others felt some form of upliftment would take place and even Ascension occur. The answer would seem to be that we alone had to create our own path, without any influence or help from outside sources. It means that with little guidance but not direct help, Humanity achieved at its fifth attempt what it had failed to do in its earlier Solar Cycles. Now that we have crossed the 2012 marker we must create our path without any attachment whatsoever to the old energies that are no longer relevant. We have entered an entirely new period that will carry the Beings of Light onward and forward to eventual completion as Galactic Beings.

Through Kryon of the Magnetic Service we have since learned that the new cycle has no links with the old energies and that we should leave them behind, and fully concentrate on using the new energies to create our path to Ascension. The expectations from various sources suggest that there is a spread of 8 to 16 years for it to happen, so in any event it will take place in most of our lifetimes. Bear in mind that there is a lot to be done to prepare Mankind for Ascension. A Star Akash was brought to this system, and the new template looks for God and for peace. You will become the new Humans of this planet. Many inventions are waiting to be released that will totally change your way of life, and the planet is fast tracking to clean itself up. Clean seas, no pollution either on or off land, abundance in nature, being self-sufficient, most likely free energy, and the enjoyment of being able to travel freely anywhere in the world. Whenever the changes begin to take place they are clearly not far away, and with the speeding up of time they will seem to arrive and pass very quickly.

Some souls ask how they would know if they are ready to take the path to Ascension and be successful. It is of course in their own hands and having come this far there is no reason why they should not be able to go all the way. It is a matter of keeping focussed upon your goal, and not being side tracked by any other happenings. A simple answer that has been mentioned in earlier messages is to live your life, as one who has found the ability to treat all life forms with Universal Love. It is probably something that is difficult to live up to, but as in all things you can only try your best at all times and in doing so you are almost assured of being successful. Bear in mind that once having committed yourself to following the path all the way through to Ascension, you alert your Guides who are then able to assist and help you on your path. Be assured that many wish you to be successful and no one wants you to fail, and with determination you are guaranteed to succeed.

It is obvious that you still have quite a long way to go, but as the vibrations lift up, the negative vibrations are losing their power to influence you and distract you from your path. Eventually the vibrations will be so high they will have no power at all to interfere with your progress. In fact they will have been unable to continue staying in them and will find themselves on a different time line suited to their level of activity. So it is just a matter of time before some major changes take place that will benefit all those of the Light and Love.

Innate (higher level of accumulative consciousness) is a part of the human consciousness, an invisible force responsible for your Smart Body Innate and keeps you alive. It communicates all of the time and knows what you want to do. It is truly esoteric central control and communicates all of the time. It is the prime directive to allow an awakening to take place, for spiritual survival and spiritual awareness. Innate is smart and intelligent and controls information in your stem cells. No one organ is responsible for Innate, it is body wise. It responds to Acupuncture. In future you will most likely learn more about the importance of Innate, it is normally programmed for Spiritual Self and survival and has to be de-programmed where death is concerned. Your system requires “death” – short lifetimes, but you have now passed the marker and it is time for you to re-calibrate your Innate. You can stop the aging process by telling your Innate you do not have to die. So de-program the instruction set for Innate, and talk to it as you would a friend at regular times. Innate will do what you tell it, if it sees that it is with spiritual logic. Innate knows all about your past lives. You will have to re-program Innate now that the old paradigm has finished, so drop your karma. There is no reason now why you should not go all the way to Ascension without the need for re-birth. Innate is in control of your biology and knows all about your past lives. It is the governor of what you need, and is connected to the Higher Self and also the Akashic Records.

Much of what I have quoted is from Kryon’s messages, and I am most appreciative of the opportunity to pass this information on to you. You can certainly gain more information on these subjects from the many video messages on the Internet, and I can list some of them for your information if you require it.

I wish you all a great New Year and much happiness, and special thanks to our great team of Light workers who tirelessly circulate the messages.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

My next message will be on the 5th January 2018.

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