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SaLuSa, July 25, 2011

You are such a collection of different personalities; it is no wonder that at times your confrontations end with a falling out. Clearly if you cannot get on together it is sometimes better that you stay clear of each other. However, as you work towards lifting yourself up into the Light, you might consider whether you should re-trace your footsteps and look to repair the damage that has been done. It would be better handled now, as there are not many issues that cannot be sorted out if both parties desire to overcome their differences. You cannot fully progress until you do, and in doing so it would place you another step nearer to being able to express Unconditional Love. When you can achieve success within family circles and with friends, there is no reason why you should not extend that to all souls.

As disclosure comes out there will be ever increasing revelations about the work of the dark Ones, and as in the case of 9/11 when the true perpetrators are known there will be much anger and revulsion. We would like to think that once it has been vented, that you would quickly understand that such darkness requires volumes of Light to transmute it. In which case would you find it in your hearts to recognize the Light within those souls that desperately needs to be awakened. The old ways of Man should be set aside so that revenge does not become called for, but instead rehabilitation. Bear in mind even the most hardened hearts do not completely lose their godspark, and it can always be ignited again.

Obviously Man cannot consider himself above the dark Ones, if he uses their very same methods to admonish and punish them for their deeds. The people’s responses will themselves be sufficient to let them know your feelings, and it may yet cause them to closely examine their activities against their fellow men. From the aspect of the great game of duality that is coming to an end, you may see that it could not have been played unless some souls agreed to take on the roles necessary to challenge the Light. If you can understand such set-ups you will find that it will be far easier to keep your focus on the Light. Nothing else is more important right now, as you do not want to be distracted from your plan to ascend.

It will soon as you say be “all stations go” and then you will have plenty to occupy yourselves with, and life will become a bit hectic but exciting. At first many will find it difficult to accept our presence, but we shall take it easy before thrusting ourselves upon you. We are aware of the increasing numbers of people that are now happy to see us arrive, and that brings a mass flyover of our craft so much nearer. However, for the time being that is not amongst the most important mission that we have, as the Earth must have reached a safe level for us to go ahead. There is no urgency involved, but naturally we welcome the opportunity to greet you in a way that will clearly show that we come as your friends. Eventually we shall stand shoulder to shoulder with your newly appointed leaders, and you shall know beyond doubt that the threat from the dark Ones has been removed. Then you will really see some progress as all projects go speeding ahead.

Keep preparing for Ascension and ensure that your vibrations are high at all times. That way you should fully benefit from the influx of high energies connected with 11.11.11., and from thereon the path should get decidedly easier. There will certainly be much happening to keep you lifted up, although in the ultimate situation it will really come down to you. People of a like mind will find each other and it will lead to a strengthening of their beliefs. However, as ever an open mind is always desirable, as you need to be ready to add new truths as you come across them. Rigidity of mind can create a barrier that is hard to overcome. You will have plenty to think about once we can converse with you openly, as over millennia of time you have been fed with false religious and historical beliefs, which on many key points have been absolutely incorrect. However, your conscious awareness has been lifted up since the millennia, and we find many are much more open than any previous time. Where we have the advantage is through being able to prove the truth of what we pass on to you.

Given that you have had such a hard time finding the truth about yourself and history, you have nevertheless progressed. The starting point is a belief in God whatever name you use and acceptance that God is All That Is, and is the fountain of Love and Light. Nothing can exist except that it has its existence within the energy of God, which is why you should respect all life forms. Remember that even non-sentient forms still have a level of consciousness, and like everything else deserve your love and respect. Man was meant to look after the other Kingdoms, but hitherto has treated them with disdain and lack of caring. Indeed Man has used them for his own advantage with little understanding of their needs. In future you will come to understand your true relationship, and will bond together.

At heart all Humans are loving individuals, and it is just that you have been hurt so many times and taught to see others as your potential enemies. If you accept that you are All One, why indeed would you treat others than how you would wish to be treated yourselves? Compassion will go long way towards resurrecting the Oneness that once existed between you all else. Does the criminal who has strayed from the Light deserve it, or is he/she a lost cause? We would say that you cannot discriminate when being compassionate, and that challenge will come up time and again through the rest of your life in duality. You cannot perhaps be all things to all people, but what does it cost you to show compassion which is an aspect of Unconditional Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for reading these messages that are intended to help you on your journey to Ascension. Do not worry if you cannot immediately rise up to the challenges of life, but as long as the intent is there you will eventually succeed. Everything that you achieve starts with thought and knowing that, it is wise to monitor them to avoid attracting something you do not really desire. Again this is hard to adhere to but do try, and if you slip up quickly move your thoughts along to something different. You will eventually succeed and of that you are assured.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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