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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - May 27, 2022

Mike Quinsey

The Alliance continues to make advances but as normal they keep their activities to themselves to safeguard those involved. The war with Russia will be the last one of such proportions, because it will not have benefitted anyone. The time for diplomacy to settle disputes is clearly the pathway to follow in future. Naturally the dark Ones are involved, and responsible for maintaining a situation that is calculated to keep Humanity in an unhealthy state and lower levels of consciousness.

It is left for individuals to find their own way through a jungle of deceit, and deliberate attempts to stop them evolving. However, thanks to those souls who have awakened to the truth there are sources of information that give it to you. There is a desperate fight to get the truth out to the people but it is easier said than done. Misinformation and false reports leave many souls confused as to what the truth really is, yet it is out there waiting to be found.

The dark Ones do not get everything their own way and of recent times they have been finding it difficult to keep the truth from you. The rising vibrations are bringing more light to you, and will continue to do so until the negative energies are unable to exist. It will not happen overnight but the more souls that awaken to the truth the sooner it will become known. With the advantage of the Internet many sources of truthful information can be found and with our protection remain available to you. Most of you are intuitive and should be able to recognise when it is false.

Your destiny is to ascend but those souls who seek such an outcome must do their part to be successful. It will take time and practise to achieve the level necessary, but be assured that your guides are on hand to assist you. Once you can conduct yourself in such a way that outside events do not affect or interfere with your life, you are surely on the road to success. In fact once you achieve that level of control you will find it easy to maintain it. Others will notice how calm you are and will be attracted to you for that reason. They will wonder how you do it and be interested in learning your ability to do so.

Be assured that all souls that seek an opportunity to rise up are helped and are therefore certain to make progress. Clearly you must make your own efforts to evolve but once you make that decision, help will be on hand. You would most likely be surprised to know just how much help you get including protection from the dark Ones, providing you do not let your guard slip. If you allow your vibrations to drop you are likely to attract negative entities to yourself, but you can also attract those entities of a higher vibration when you maintain an appropriate positive level.

Life can be quite pleasant and fulfilling when you are on the right path and very satisfying. You will find yourself being quite popular and sought for guidance, as people realise you are fully aware and able to help people spiritually to progress upon their chosen path. Your higher vibrations are like a magnet to those who seek others of a spiritual nature. It is not a matter of religious belief but simply an understanding of the truth.

Truly religion has its place in most people’s lives, but when you advance in your understanding you will find the truth is universal and not the sole property of any particular one. When the false teachings are released by you only the truth remains. Even so the truth is only able to take you to the next level of understanding, as there is no advantage to any soul in so to say “run before you can walk”. One thing you can be sure of is that having learned the lessons presented to you, advancement will be arranged so that you progress in an orderly manner. It may even need a change of Guide to take you to the next step in your evolution.

Dear Ones you have all been on a very long journey that has seen you experience so many lives, experiencing in so many different ways that have been given you according to your needs. The net result is who you are now and your soul will keep the extent of evolution you have achieved. The next step is the biggest one you will have made, that will carry you up to a higher level never again to need lessons in the lower vibrations. You can feel pleased with yourself because you have passed through many tests to achieve a higher level of evolution.

Everyone is currently going through a very testing time, and it is so important that they do not give in to despair and keep their goals in sight. You are likely to get other souls coming to you to find out how you have achieved such a peaceful air about you, as you may be sure it will be noticed. Your aura will glow with the higher vibrations that extend far beyond your physical body. It is why other souls will find themselves attracted to you and feel good in your company.

You are a beacon of light amongst the darkness, needed at such times to help lift the vibrations around you. Remain calm and know that others will seek your help and company because of it.

I leave you with love and blessings and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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