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Veronica Keen - Channeling Montague Keen - April 15, 2018

As I have pointed out in the past, everything was done by the Cabal to degrade the human body and mind. You accepted all the propaganda that you were fed. Now you know that you cannot believe anything your governments tell you. To get into government in the first place, one must be part of the Cabal, or one of their puppets. Today, human life is hanging on by a thread. Monsanto and its GM food have damaged the body and brain of humans; it was designed to do just that. The Cabal took control of everything that was needed for human life to survive. Only those who can think for themselves will survive.

Hate is destructive to the hater. It affects all those around him. What causes one to hate? It is because they have failed themselves that they resort to hate. It is all they have left, and assuredly, it will destroy them too. Only those with a good heart will proceed to the Golden Age. People are being filtered out and exposed. Though you were warned that this time was fast approaching, you ignored the warning and did not prepare for it. The time is upon you now. You must make the right decisions if you want to move forward into the light. There is no excuse, all the information needed is all around you. Does it make you feel important when you attack those who are there to lead you into the light? When the reality of your situation hits you, it will be too late. Think about that. You will pay a high price for being destructive. Has being destructive made you happy? Has it improved your life? In fact, all it does is momentarily take your mind off the fact that you have failed and you cannot bear to look at your own life.

People must come together and assist each other to take the right path forward into light and love, for a world without war, poverty, and homelessness. This opportunity is now on your doorstep. The door is opening and everything negative is being exposed and removed. You were told in the past that this time would come. Well it has, so the quicker you embrace it, the quicker you will create the world of your dreams. There are hundreds of beings from other planets who have taken human form to assist you. Though they always recognise each other when they meet, they do not disclose this information to others. The Cabal seeks these people out and disposes of them when possible. As the Cabal does not want humanity to survive, they have to hold you in ignorance and servitude. You do not have time to waste. Open your eyes and look at the reality of your situation. The time has come for you to stand up and be counted.

All the drugs and vaccinations have depleted your body of its natural health and strength. This is exactly what they were designed to do. Ancient people lived longer, more productive lives. They were wiser and they were connected to the universe. All this was taken from you. You were made dependent on their drugs and the mind control that is delivered to you through your TV sets. You bear no resemblance to ancient humans. All your natural abilities were taken from you when you became puppets of the Cabal. When did you last think for yourself or work something out for yourself? It is time to take back your strength and become whole again.

There are things happening in your world today that are not what they seem. All are based on lies. You are not being told the truth about anything. The Cabal is demanding World War 3, that is the bottom line. Are you going to close your eyes to the truth yet again and allow the slaughter of humanity to continue? How can you close your eyes to the lies being paraded every day on your TVs. Where is the evidence for chemical attacks? There is not one shred of evidence. WHY ? Where was the UN in all this? Your silence gives them permission to do whatever they like, wherever they like. Is this what you want? You have a responsibility to your fellow man. You have closed your eyes to the fact that you allowed the parasites to take control of everything. You willingly became their slaves. Now that you are fully awake to their agenda, you want to take back all that is yours. They do not like this.

In bygone days, people cared for each other. They reached out to those in trouble of any sort. Now you find yourselves locked away in your little boxes with only your TV for company. You have been cut off from your fellow man. You have become isolated and alone, perfect for mind control. Everything the TV introduces becomes the norm. From the long hair and music of the sixties to the shaven heads of today. They are even encouraging children to change their sex. This is the most outrageous fashion and it is all done through mind control. Look at your own life. How many of the Cabal's games did you fall for? All of you fell into their fashion traps. This shows you that, yes, you too, are under their control.

I am pleading with you while there is still time to take back control of your lives. Stop taking their drugs, eating their GM food, and believing their lies. Together, the 99% can remove the Cabal. Remove all the control systems put in place to control you and your world. You can do this. You have the numbers and the intelligence to do it. Without your expertise the Cabal could never have taken control.

My dear, I know how shocked you were, when you learned that the Cabal had taken control of your telephone wire where it enters our house. It was emitting a signal that caused you serious problems. You were not aware of the signal, though others were, the moment they entered the house. You know of the evil one who had this done. He was also responsible for the punch in your back that both shocked you and hurt you. They want you to stop telling the truth. They do not want humanity to know that it can take back its power and create a better world for everyone. They just want to kill as many of you as possible. They want to kill your children, drink their blood, and eat their flesh. This enables them to live on Earth. Is this what you want? We, on this side of life, can only do so much. We need your help to succeed.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Note from Veronica
Dave has asked me to thank you for all your cards, letters, and good wishes. He reads and re-reads them. They are all filed. He has received books and he says that he could not have chosen better himself. He shares them with others to help make life in Fresno a bit more bearable. He hopes that soon he will be able to thank you himself. Please pray for all innocent people, who through no fault of their own, find themselves in jail. May they find justice soon.

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