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Montague Keen - July 19, 2015

My friends, you are in a battle for your very existence. You are only just waking up to this fact. The whole idea of politics was designed to attract you to the idea that someone that you elected would then work on your behalf. Humanity was sucked into the notion that these people would represent your interests. How wrong was that decision? Now you must put it right. You now know that this was just a scam to lull you into a false sense of security. You handed your power to those you elected. You trusted the wrong people, both in politics and religion. You were very skilfully manipulated into accepting that you no longer had power of your own. That is when the mind control and the manipulation of mankind began, that thankfully, you are now waking up to. Yes, it is hard to believe that all the time, the ones you had trusted, were plotting against you.

You watched as your food was poisoned, your water poisoned, and medication was forced on you, and you just said, "What can I do about it?" You watched the chemtrails and could not believe that they would do this to harm you. You must quickly snap out of this way of thinking. Together, you can stop the killing of the human race. The moment that you decide not to participate in the killing, it will stop.

You fly their planes. You produce their chemicals. You fight their wars. Where would they be without you? All this would cease the moment you stop supporting it. Wake up and explore the truth, for the information is all there, about the weapons that are being used against you.

All this is AI-controlled. It is alien technology that they brought into your world to cull humanity, and you foolishly bought into it. Now, you must refuse to cooperate with it. The Cabal is helpless; they now find that they cannot deactivate the AIs.

From Veronica
I ask that you immediately research the amazing work of HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA. He is a scientist who explains what we are living through and how to deal with it.

It is up to each one of you to take action to free yourself. Live only through your heart. The AIs cannot get to your hearts; they can work only through your brain. Humankind has faced extinction before and it survived, so it can be done.

Who is causing the hardship and heartache for the Greek people? The very same people who brought Ireland to its knees. They intend to pick off each country in Europe before they move on to their next victims. It is all part of their great takeover plan to control the Earth. What are you going to do about it? What are you prepared to do about it?

Please share all information. Gather and discuss how you can get involved in your future. Make plans for your survival. They do not hide the FEMA camps; they are there in full view. Are you going to sleepwalk into them? The Cabal did not need to hide the FEMA camps from you because you were asleep. Now, as you awaken, you are shocked to see them with their huge stocks of COFFINS, all prepared for you. Is this what you want? Your governments have prepared them for you. Did you knowingly sign up for that? Did you, for one moment, realise that this is what they were planning for you? They used the television to mind control you, and it worked. This is how they have kept the masses under control.

You are the guardians of the Earth. It needs you to protect it. Come out of your head; it is full of propaganda mind control. Place yourself within your heart and see the love that has always been there, waiting for you to wake up to it and live by it. Humans should never have been forced to kill each other. This must stop. TRUTH has been the greatest casualty of the last 2000 years. It was the LIES that were forced on you by religions and politics that began the takeover of the Earth and the removal of humanity. Sadly, many of you still bow to them today, even though the evidence makes it abundantly clear that they have destroyed your world. They took control of everything that would have made life on Earth a joy, rather than the struggle it has become. FEAR was the weapon they very skilfully used on you, and you bought into it.

They have had their reign of terror. They are responsible for all war, famine, and floods, etc. What you now need to do, is to say, "NO, I will not kill or harm my fellow man. I choose peace and love." Without you to fight their wars, and enforce their laws that suppress humanity, they are finished. IT IS ALL IN YOUR HANDS. Decisions need to be made. Time is of the essence.

From Veronica
Thank you for your concern. I am aware that all the interviews that I initiated with Andrew Bartzis have disappeared off my web site. I received an email from Andrew on the 11 July to say that he will replace them. I am fully aware of the great importance of the information contained in them. I await Andrew returning them to us. One of the interviews I did with Miles Johnston and some tapes of Monty speaking from the afterlife were maliciously removed also. We are doing our best to replace them. I do appreciate your concern in this matter.

Knowledge is power. Share knowledge, and help those who are about to awaken. All the information you need is there, when you know where to look and who to trust. There are some in this field whose love of money is greater than their love of humanity. Soon, money will be a thing of the past. It has served only your oppressors. They continue to use it as their tool to control and suppress you.

Look to a future without money when everything you need will be available to you, without the need for it. "Money is the root of all evil" was a song when I was young. It is so very true.

This is your path, the removal of all corruption and the freeing of humanity from slavery. Together, you will do it. We in spirit will walk among you once more. It is our dearest wish to help you free yourselves from slavery.

My dear, what was done to you and your property, was malicious. They fear the awakening.

Together forever, your adoring, Monty.

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