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Montague Keen - August 23, 2015

My dear Veronica, we in spirit wish to thank you, for all you have done this week, to bring truth and light to humanity. Your work with Harald is important, as he explains from a scientific angle, what you bring forth as important for humanity to know and understand. What we have disclosed over the years since my passing is now being more readily understood and accepted. The picture has become clear and the corruption that was always concealed is now laid bare in all its wickedness. The Black Magic that is used all around you, and is strategically placed in black cubes, is now exposed for what it actually is. Now you can see why all the pain, fear, and killing, had to be staged to appease the Dark Entity that was contacted by Queen Elizabeth I and John Dee. Yes, she got all the power she craved, but humanity suffers to this day for her dark deeds. This must stop. It will do so when humanity comes together to COMMAND IT TO STOP.

Be brave and take back your power. Do not give it to others by voting, as voting is all part of the overall control system that you were unwittingly drawn into. Make your own decisions. Always check the facts and take responsibility for your own life. Open up to your own instincts and your heart will guide you. Your life is precious, so respect it, and do only what is for the greater good of humanity.

Refuse to eat genetically modified food, as it will genetically modify you! This is serious, as it is designed to wipe out the human race. It is all part of the dark plan to rid the planet of human beings. Demand from your governments the REAL REASONS for chemtrails. What is their REAL INTENTION? Demand to know also, why they have agreed to FRACKING. I have told you many times, that the LEY LINES provide humanity with the energy it needs to exist on Earth. Just like the veins in your body, you cannot exist without blood flowing uninterrupted throughout your body. Now think on a much greater scale. The EARTH, too, cannot survive without its energy flow. FRACKING was designed to destroy the natural flow of energy to humanity. It will also destroy your water supply. What are you doing about this? Are you just being passive? The "What can I do?" syndrome. The moment you wake up and understand that, YES, you can and will do something, this is when you will take your power back and step into your own power, and refuse to allow the destruction of the Earth and humanity to take place. Until now, you have remained passive, shutting your eyes to what is going on all around you, thereby giving approval for what is being done.

You do not have time to waste. The banks have planned their "FALL" for the 23 September. It is an important date for them. The Cabal plans everything using numbers: sacred geometry, black magic rituals, etc, in order to get what they want. Stop being VICTIMS. Next time you are told that you MUST do something, just say to yourself, I will research it and decide for myself.

The medical industry was designed to keep you drugged and passive. The destruction of mankind begins at BIRTH. Babies are drugged within days of entering the world, and continue to be pumped full of dangerous chemicals to ensure that they become passive, obedient people, who will work for the Cabal, providing cannon fodder when the Cabal needs a blood sacrifice. When you die on the battlefield, you provide OXYGEN for your oppressors. YOU SERVE THE DARK CABAL. Next time you don your uniform, see it as it is, not as you were told it is. The Cabal WANTS and NEEDS your death, as well as the death of all you hold dear. WAKE UP !

"NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS". How many times have I repeated that phrase, over the years. All those you were taught to trust and to respect, and to serve, are the ones who oppress you. Everything is the exact opposite of what you were told. It is very clever, and it has worked for 2000 years. Read the work of Michael Tsarion and others, who found the real truth and wish to share it with you. Many have searched for the truth and have found it. Forget all you learned from parents and education, as that is not truth. It was planned to keep you ignorant of who you are, and what you are capable of. You know the truth, and you know that you can set yourselves free. You know that you can return the Earth to the paradise that it once was, and that it can be, again. All it takes is a little effort from you.

My dear, it is all coming together, despite the odds against it. Always, your adoring, Monty.

Chris has worked hard on the recordings of Harald and myself. There are problems with both the sound level and the picture quality. However, eventually it is hoped that all three of them will be on this website. Chris and I have big plans which we hope to bring to fruition soon. I am very grateful for his input and advice. Thank you for the galactic connection drops; they arrived safely.

An Interview with Harald Kautz-Vella (Wiltshire, England 2015)

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