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Omnec Onec, a Woman from Venus

Omnec Onec
As our galactic friends often tell us, humanoid ET's are already living among us. They're here for all kinds of reasons. Some are allies for the Galactic Federation and actively working on change on this planet, others do research and yet others are here just for the experience.

Let's take a closer look at one of them. Omnec Onec was born and raised on Venus. Venus is often referred to as our sister planet in this solar system. This planet is very interesting for us, because long ago their society went through the same process as Earth is in right now, called Ascension. They now live in the fifth dimension.

Though from the outside Venus looks to us as a hot and uninhabitable planet, in the fifth dimension it's a beautiful world with crystal cities. One of Mike Quinsey's contacts, Ker-On, is from Venus and has sometimes spoken about his world.

Omnec Onec
Omnec Onec lived in this world until she was encouraged by her spiritual master and by her uncle, who raised her, to go to Earth and live the rest of her life there. This way she could clear some old karma, enlighten the people there and have a unique experience. She agreed.

In 1951 she flew from Venus to Tibet, to adjust to our low vibrations. The monks there helped her. In 1955 she went to Tennessee in America, where she took over the life of a young girl who had just died in an accident, with whom she had a karmic bond.

She married, had children, divorced, and wrote a book about her experiences on Earth. Also, she did a number of interviews. Here she talks about the process of Ascension and the difference between dimensions.

In the next two videos, she talks about her life story. She describes how she went from 5D to 3D, in order to be able to live among us, and what living in 5D was like. This is interesting information for us, because that's where we're heading!