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Testing our website - Please bear with us!

Dear friends,

For the next few weeks, you'll see some ads on our site in strange places. Also the layout has changed, it doesn't look so nice. This is part of a testing program to find out how to make our website a bit more profitable. Our site was never meant to make any money, but as several members of our team are in pretty dire straits at the moment, earlier this year we decided to allow for some ads here and there.

Recently, we were approached by a company that offered a testing program to see what kind of ads and on what spots on our site would work best. We decided to take part in it, to see what the results would be. It will last for a couple of weeks, after which we'll give our site a more decent layout again. So please bear with us! It's just a fase we're going through :)


In Love and Light,

kees, GalacticChannelings.com

Sorry... Remodeling

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