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  • On this website we focus mainly on the work of five channelers: Suzy Ward, Mike Quinsey, Blossom Goodchild, Sheldan Nidle and Cristian Fernández (Kris-Won). There is no particular reason for this, they are just the channelers that we had been drawn to in a natural way before we started translating them. But there are many other good channelers, so this selection is by no means a sign of less appreciation for others. When we come across a message from a different channeler which we think really adds something to these four, we will always translate them. You can find these special channelings under "Specials".

    To give you an idea of the people behind the names, we will now introduce our five main channelers to you one by one:


    SUZANNE WARD was born in Youngstown (Ohio, USA) in 1933. She moved to Miami, where she married and her four children were born. They lived in Panama from 1965 to 1972, when she divorced and she moved with the children to Washington, DC. She worked as an editor for several journals and manager of communications for a multinational corporation. With their family of adopted dogs, Suzy and her husband Bob now live in a rural area near Vancouver, Washington. Her other three children live in Latin America.
    In 1980 her son Matthew died in a car crash. Shortly after that, she was guided to three different mediums, who all said that Matthew would be in contact with her again. This happened in 1994, and it was the beginning of an enormous amount of information about Nirvana, ET civilizations, souls, 2012 and many other subjects, not only coming from Matthew but from many galactic beings and even God himself. She learned that it was her life's mission to put this information in books to enlighten the world, which she did.

    You can find Suzy's and Matthew's story here and her website here.

    Suzy's message to our readers:

    "Loving greetings from Matthew and me! It is our honor to be part of this wonderful site with its enlightening and uplifting information. With this knowledge and guidance, you can live fearlessly, knowing that you are an important participant in creating the wondrous world of Earth’s Golden Age."

    How does the process of channeling work for her?

    "Almost 14 years after Matthew’s fatal vehicle crash in 1980, someone suggested that I write a short letter to him each morning; eventually I would be aware of thoughts I knew weren’t my own—that would be Matthew communicating with me. On the third or fourth morning I was shocked to hear, “Mother, this is Matthew. Yes, it’s Matthew! Write what I’m telling you.” I started taking shorthand notes, but due to my excitement, they were illegible scrawls, so the next morning I wrote “Dear Matthew” at the computer. Immediately he started talking and I heard him as clearly as if we were sitting side by side during our hour together.

    Each day from then on I recorded his descriptions of the active, diversified life in Nirvana, the proper name of the spirit world we call Heaven. "Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven" is a selection of our verbatim conversations during the first few weeks after our telepathic connection opened.

    Then Matthew started introducing many other souls, some in Nirvana and others from spiritually, intellectually and technologically advanced civilizations. I started recording my talks with God in 1997 and representatives of other evolved civilizations also gave messages for the books—the wealth of astounding information they transmitted is in volumes 2 through 4 of the Matthew Books series.

    The “voices in my head” have different speaking styles and inflections and they speak in a normal conversational pace, just as we do. Also, they know my thoughts and often address those without my typing my questions or comments; but unless I am thinking of any of them, they don’t intrude. This is a universal law of privacy, and once telepathic connections are open, they remain unless the receiver chooses to close them down.

    I don’t need a computer to speak with any of my sources— simply by my thought of them, we are instantly connected. During my review of all the books’ final drafts, all the “messengers” popped in briefly. Matthew, God and I chat daily, and less often there are little conversations with Hatonn, Lazarus, Ashtar and Serapis Bey."

    MIKE QUINSEY was born in Croydon (England) in 1934. He is the father of two sons and in his professional life he worked for several electrical or mechanical companies. In his free time he wrote many articles for spiritual magazines and on the internet, and he gives talks on subjects like ET’s, UFO’s and healing. He has his own spiritual radioshow on BBS Radio. In 2004, Ascended Master St. Germain asked him to sit at his computer each morning to take messages. Ever since he has received them every day, except on Sundays. On Monday, Wednesday an Friday he channels members of the Galactic Federation, like SaLuSa from Sirius and Ker-On from Venus (Venus in the fifth dimension).

    You can find Mike's biography here and his website here.

    Mike's message to our readers:

    "My message for everyone is to hold fast to your love and light, and without exception share it with all other souls wherever you are. That way you are serving God and lifting each soul your energy touches."

    How does the process of channeling work for him?

    "To prepare for channeling I set myself up before my computer as instructed by St. Germain, I then mentally put myself into a quiet and peaceful mood. I place protection around me, and then verbally call my contacts and tell them I am ready - and I immediately feel their strong energies coming through me, and I commence taking a message telepathically. My messages come from words/sentences formed in my head. When St. Germain used to come through the energy with them was distinctly different to the others. The Space Beings, like SaLuSa and Ker-On, are very similar to each other."

    BLOSSOM GOODCHILD was born in Derby (England) in 1957. In 2001 she emigrated to Australia. She has one son and three step children, and works as a professional medium and an actress. She channels a Native American Indian Spirit Energy called "White Cloud", The Federation of Light and many other Light Beings. In 2008, she drew international attention when she channelled a message from The Federation saying that an extraterrestrial spacecraft would appear on October 14 of that year. The ship didn't show due to threats with violence by the dark forces (which was confirmed by other channelers), but The Federation called it a success anyway because this event had woken up many people to the light.

    You can find Blossom's biography here, her website here and her blog here.

    Blossom's message to our readers:

    "Without the help of these amazing people working behind the scenes to translate these messages, they would not be able to be received by such a worldwide audience. This site is a fantastic help to not just the channellers but for all those who do not understand English. Thank you ALL so very much. Not just from me, but I am sure The Federation as well!"

    How does the process of channeling work for her?

    "Channelling White Cloud and working as a Direct Voice channel is completely different from when I channel The Federation of Light. Channelling the FOL is very similar to Mike Quinsey and his channelling. I sit at the computer, and centre myself. I say my prayer for Truth and protection and take as many deep breathes as necessary until I feel I am ready.

    I then begin typing my opening words to them and await for the telepathic answer. Often the first paragraph is longwinded and as I am writing I have no idea if it is making sense as I seem to get one word at a time and they use words that I would never use , so I only have a vague understanding of the meaning. After that it changes and the sentences come through at my typing pace (which sometimes gets really fast!) I can FEEL when they want 'bold or capitol' letters, my fingers press harder on the keys or become more precise. They sometimes use words that I really do not know the meaning of (as dumb as that may sound) so when looking the words up it is always so joyful to find the accuracy of their intent.

    The Love they surge through me is sometimes overwhelming and the only release is tears. That’s just the way it is. I consider it an honour to be Trusted with this gift and it is surely heaven sent knowing that so many find their Truth because of the messages given. I feel very privileged to be sharing this page with such 'notoriety'... yet our intent is of the same. LOVE! Many thanks. Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays. Blossom."

    SHELDAN NIDLE was born in New York in 1946. He has been in contact with extraterrestrials from the day he was born, he says. In high school, he was placed in advanced science programs in subject areas such as physics, chemistry, and calculus. He worked mainly as a scientific researcher on the field of energy. In 1997 he founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO). He channels members of the Galactic Federation of Light, usually the Sirians.

    You can find Sheldan's biography here and his website here.

    How does the process of channeling work for him?

    "I was fitted with a special implant, like a radio transceiver, that allows me to be contacted easily. Whenever the Sirians are ready to transmit, I hear them telepathically as if there is a radio inside me. It is really nice. They inserted it at three etheric levels and one physical, so that if anyone tries to remove it, they will still be able to contact me." (taken from an earlier interview)

    We asked Sheldan Nidle several times to send us a little message for our readers, but so far he hasn't replied.

    CRISTIAN (KRIS-WON) was born in the Island of Mallorca (Spain) in the Mediterranean Sea in 1961, where he currently resides. He got the gift of channeling when he was 21 years old, while he belonged to a spiritual group in Palma de Mallorca. He has traveled to countries with ancient cultures of undeniable spiritual influence such as India, Mexico and Egypt. In 1985 he personally met the Indian Master Sathya Sai Baba. His teachings and guidance influenced his life profoundly, so he dedicated himself to translating a great deal of Sathya Sai Baba's teachings to Spanish during the last 10 years. By late 2009, he joined our group of translators and began to translate other channelers' messages. Shortly after that, Alpha Starship began to dictate him their first messages.

    Kris-Won's message to our readers:

    "It doesn’t matter what religion you have or the path that you have chosen to take you to your own divinity. What really matters is what you do for the people you can help, why you do it and to leave to God the result, without expecting anything in return for your action, not even recognition or appreciation from others!

    The good that you have left behind is rewarding enough, and indeed, there is no greater reward than just that. Do your job in the most impeccable possible way, and be humble, seeing yourself as an instrument in the hands of the Lord. And at last, be silent, therefore you will make less mistakes, and daily look for some lonely moments to stay in contact with you inner Self. May God bless you and take you to the lighting, that already could be your eternal state."

    How does the process of channeling work for him?

    "The channeling process by which our Elder Brothers from Alpha Spaceship communicate with me has been refined and strengthened as the channelings have occurred. First of all, I receive a telepathic message from Them, wherever I am (sometimes at work), where they tell me to be ready at a certain time to do the channeling. That allows me to get ready in advance, not to eat anything before the information transfer in order to be more receptive, and also to drink a lot of water to facilitate the telepathic process.

    When sitting in front of my computer at the specified time, I repeat a mantra that I've chosen for this purpose and mentally call to contact with our Brothers from Alpha Spaceship. Almost instantly I mentally feel their answer: “We are ready!” - and thus, I start the process of writing in my computer what They are suggesting me in the form of ideas and that I must transform in words, carefully trying to select the ones that best define the thinking that is coming to me, phrase after phrase and paragraph after paragraph. Sometimes I know what they are going to say even before it is transmitted – it's difficult to explain – and others I don't know what they are going to say until the “thought – idea” arrives to my mind.

    I can also perceive the feelings of the person I am channeling, for instance, if he is happy, smiling, relaxed, worried, anxious, etc. And I feel like, as time goes on, my tunning with the Mother Ship will become increasingly faster, more accurate and detailed, which will benefit everyone."