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  • We are an international group of translators, that goes without a name. We translate channelings, interviews and other documents that bring Light into the world, i.e. raise the level of public awareness and spirituality.

    We don't do this for money (nobody gets paid for it) but because we feel it is necessary to bring clarity and comfort in these times of great changes. We are in the middle of a process called Ascension, which means that planet Earth and all it's inhabitants who are open to the Light, will move up into a higher dimension. This process will happen anyway as it is divinely decreed, but we can speed it up or slow it down ourselves because we collectively create our level of consciousness (which creates our reality). As Lightworkers, we see it as our duty to help manifest this new world as swiftly as possible.

    This new world is the Golden Era of love, peace and full consciousness of which the Mayan prophecy and many other indigenous people have already spoken for ages, as well as many modern scientists who operate outside the mainstream system. As our cosmic friends and family of the Galactic Federation of Light have a much better view on things than most earthlings, we mainly focus on their messages coming through to us by means of channeling.

    As these galactic beings have a much higher spiritual level than us and they know our true history (which is mostly not what you will read in school books, the media or the Bible), they know that they are our family and on a deeper energetic level we are all One. That's why these messages are always full of love and support for us "down here", in this 3D world of duality, and they constantly remind us not to fear any actions from the dark side on our planet. Because in higher dimensions (where there is no linear time) we have already created our new world, and it is magnificent. It's just up to us how fast we get there!

    Currently, we translate or transcribe documents in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Greek and Japanese.


    You will get to know the several members of our group once you join us, but the driving factor, the mother hen under whose wings we operate and who is always on the hunt for more ways to spread the Light, is Maria Luísa Vasconcelos from Portugal. She will be thrilled to hear from you if you're a Lightworker too (or you want to be), and you would like to help us translate all these wonderful documents, so the whole world will be able to read and understand them.