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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - October 1, 2021

Mike Quinsey

The changes continue to take place and will carry on for quite a time yet, one thing leads to another and so it shall continue until all are truly on the same path. It will clearly take some time to raise the levels of those countries that still have populations living in near poverty. It has to change, and it will change as the voices of those who are compassionate to the plight of others find strength and support, to force those in power to respond with the true intention to get things done to raise the standard of living. So much has been wrong for so long that to put it right calls for full support from the governments of the world.

Every soul deserves at least to have the basic necessities to live a comfortable life, and a safe abode where they are protected from the ravages of life. The will to do good must come from the top and be backed by action that shows a true intent to raise standards for the future. Be assured that “people power” will if necessary force governments to act sooner rather than later as time is running out before matters become more urgent. At present there is a tendency for them to drag their feet, and the sooner there is a general acknowledgment of what is needed and put in hand at the earliest moment the quicker the problems will be overcome.

By now you must realise that your progress is being monitored by higher beings, and when you show willingness to acknowledge what is needed and set about it with some urgency they are “authorised” to give you help. But the first moves must come from you and be realistic for the size of the problems you face. You have a worldwide problem that needs worldwide response and it should be given every help, otherwise matters may get out of hand and be more difficult to handle. You may not be able to see the future as we do, and we know that Mother Earth is becoming more active in bringing about changes that are all part of the general upliftment that is needed to prepare for the necessary changes.

It is time to view the Earth as a living entity and co-operate in a way that prepares the people for the coming changes. For a start as sea levels rise people who live in the coastal areas need to review their position and move more inland if necessary. You should get plenty of warning before matters but it would be wise to anticipate the nature of the changes well in advance. Your technologies are now able to forecast such events well in advance and give people ample time to move to safer areas. Evidence of coastal erosion already exists and the dangers can be reliably anticipated. Change is the key word for Mother Earth and they will come whether you are ready or not.

The changes in attitude towards the people are welcome as they are the lifeline of the planet and their wellbeing is the Government's responsibility. Coming out of a traumatic period such as Covid19 demands urgent action as so many lives have been upturned and people left in great need. Protests for action are growing and Governments ignore it at their peril and if they continue in this way it will be their demise. It is the people who hold the future in their hands and if they want real change they have to put the right people in charge. If you are to overcome the threats to your population and the earth itself, action must start now as you have a mammoth task ahead, and it can be handled if you have the will and positive intent to start dealing with it now.

Times of change can be very trying but in the long run so beneficial that you will certainly look back at that period and say it was well worth it. The best is clearly yet to come and not least of all the demise of the Illuminati who are no longer the power they were. Oh yes, they can still be troublesome whilst they hold some power and have their supporters based all around the world, but they have lost a considerable amount of power and will continue to do so until their threat has completely disappeared. Then you will enjoy unparalleled peace and happiness never experienced previously, so keep your spirits high as the light is winning the battle.

Some of you may not yet have considered that animals will also be affected by the changes and there have already been some amazing bonds between those who would normally not associate together. Even the scriptures foretold of such a period when referring to the “Lion lying down with the Lamb”. Yes, the changes have started and you will find them if you look around for them. Souls now taking incarnation are now more likely to be of a higher vibration and not prone to the illnesses that you normally get. The point is that the changes are speeding up and are already leading to changes that are beneficial to all people. They are unstoppable and the best is yet to come.

Intuitively find your own path to the future and allow it to come to you since you do not know what it may hold for you. It follows that if you concentrate on what you think is going to be your future you will affect the outcome. Since few of you are able to tap the past and are unaware of the different lives you have had, you do not really know your true self that has possibly had hundreds of lives. In other words you had already made provisional plans for your future and you are best advised to allow them to materialise. Obviously you will be kept on a path that is going to lead you to the opportunities you will need to progress as pre-planned.

All experiences have a purpose and at this time they are more important than ever and as usual your Guides will be on hand to point you in the right direction. In fact you have been helped all along to ensure each life is aiding your evolution and if by use of your freewill you miss fulfilling it, the opportunity will come up again. Souls have been coming and going from one life to another for thousands if not millions of years. So you will realise that in each life you are just one aspect of the whole. You are birthed with the talents and knowledge you will need to get through life. Dear Ones, these are exciting times for you all even if you cannot see into the future, as the negative entities are no longer able to dictate your future and theirs is sealed. They are also on a path of learning, and they have much to experience before they can get back onto the path of Light and they will be helped as much as any other soul.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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