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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - September 3, 2021

Mike Quinsey

Once again I have found a Kryon message that is the most informative yet regarding the afterlife. I am giving you the opening chapters that describe the afterlife. The rest of the message is on the same subject and most revealing and uplifting.

Kryon 2021. The Real You.

Before you ever got here Dear Ones as a human in this lifetime, you were actually part of the Creative Source. What are the limitations of an Angel without a body, without eyes, without ears? Without a body there are no limitations. You exist in the soup of the Creator of pure love and yet you have a name. You are an eternal soul as old, as old before this Universe, before any Universes you existed, and you are about ready to come back into the planet. You have done this before on other planets in other scenarios, in other Universes, in other Galaxies, this is something you do a lot. That’s how old you are, old soul. What would it be like to be part of this Creative Source, and where would you be? There is no 'where', you know. If you ask "Where is God?", what is the answer? "Yes" is the answer. You cannot put a location on love, on the Creator. And therefore if you are part of the soup which is the Creator, old soul with a name, you are with many souls with the name.

You can see everything, you can see every frequency of light that exists, you can hear every frequency that exists and that means it’s beyond any human hearing. You can hear light, the colours are not limited to the retina, there is no limitation and that which is your Galaxy is astonishing – filled with rainbows, sounds, beauty, spirits, life! And you can see it all. That’s who you are. Not the one you see in the mirror. I want you to discover who you are. Have you ever had chills, don’t you feel this is true, do you honestly feel that you are just a vessel, a biology that comes and goes. Somehow you are born into some energy and then you leave. A flash in the pan of existence of a soul - that does not make sense. Dear Ones, 80% of your planet has the intuitiveness to believe in the afterlife. What does this tell you? It's self-evident, you are more than it seems.

3rd. September 2021. Mike Quinsey.

Time has seemed to stand still yet in the period you have been experiencing, so much has changed never to return to what it was previously. This was intended as otherwise you would have been stuck with the old energies when they were no longer suitable. Of course there has been a lot of upheaval and inconvenience, but that has been unavoidable. But you will eventually find that it was all necessary to “move you on”. The best is yet to come and you will see that the sacrifices you have made were well worth it.

There is nothing unusual about what has taken place, it is the normal outcome when you reach the end of a cycle and are in that interim period that gives you time to re-adjust to the changes. The Creator has ordained that souls who have been able to advance in their evolution, should take their place in the level that they are ready for and that means a new path for most of your civilisation. Clearly some are not ready for a major advancement, and they will continue to travel a suitable evolutionary path to move further along it, and each soul will find their appropriate level.

You will find that people do not have the same expectations where the future is concerned, even those who have advanced spiritually because there are so many versions of the end times of your present cycle. So concentrate on your own understanding knowing that in the course of time all paths lead to the truth. As long as you seek it you can be sure that it will eventually come to you. Be open to new ways of understanding and as long as they are positive you will make progress. You will never be given knowledge beyond your understanding so as to ensure you make steady progress. Obviously your Guides also have a role to play in helping you to keep to your path and their influence can be quite powerful if it is necessary.

You have come a very long way to get where you are so do not spoil your chances of ascending by losing your concentration. The opportunity you have will not come around for a long time so what an opportunity is presenting itself to you. So keep your eyes looking straight ahead and you are sure to succeed. If only you could see the potential that lies ahead. We can and it is so wonderful we would be hard pressed to find suitable words to describe it. Can you imagine a life that is blessed and is so beautiful you might believe that you have reached the ultimate level of peace and beauty. Just to be free from the attention of the dark Ones would by itself be wonderful, but to additionally behold the amazing colours and feel the energies of them will uplift you to new levels.

See everyone as yourself as they travel their path and acknowledge their right to advance as they choose. Many souls do not even realise they have a life plan and tend to muddle through life, but they will be faced by tasks that are intended to lift them up and make progress with their evolution. Yet it is almost certain that the majority of souls have lived hundreds of lives of which they have little if any remembrance. However, as you move into the higher realms your level of consciousness will grow and you will commence to remember. Of course subconsciously you do remember, and what you have learned through many lives does influence you now.

Tread carefully now as your thoughts and actions are slowly becoming more powerful. Think carefully what you wish for and always use it for positive reasons, otherwise it may come back to haunt you. See all souls as yourself and treat them as your brothers and sisters as you are all One and can do good work by helping each other to get the best out of life. Good deeds tend to come back to you as what you do to one you do to yourself.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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