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March 6, 2011

Veronica, my dear, we in Spirit have placed a great burden on your shoulders. Our love gives you the strength to fulfill our plans and dreams. As more people of Light come forward to assist, each is a part of the puzzle, and soon it will be complete. Each brings his own skills and knowledge, all of which are necessary for us to go forward. As I have promised, we in Spirit find them, and as if by some miracle, they find their way to you. Your world is in great turmoil. It’s the age old problem; light versus dark, good over evil. The Dark Cabal fight hard and dirty to try to hold on to power. Their banks have held humanity to ransom. It’s all a game to them. Control at any price. It's hard for some people to accept that such evil exists. The fact is, that you are surrounded by it, in every guise possible. One of the biggest lessons man has to learn is, do not judge these people by your own standards. They do not have a conscience. They lie and cheat. They smile as they dispose of you.

It was good to see my dear friend, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, explain consciousness, which is quite separate from the mind. So few understand that there is collective consciousness, and there is one’s own personal conscience. We need people of Light, such as Rupert, to answer the questions that have puzzled people. Rupert, and people like him, will step forward more, to guide people to a greater understanding of life on Earth. Rupert has a spiritual intelligence. I, too, was blessed with this. It enabled me to find the truth. I lived by that truth. It was no accident that you brought Rupert and Richard (Richard D Hall) together. It’s all part of the plan to bring understanding and enlightenment to your world. Up to now, mankind has always foolishly accepted what he was told by religion and state, without question. It is difficult to accept that you were conned, that everything was put in place quite deliberately, to create fear, so that you could easily be controlled. It worked, but it only worked while you were all in a hypnotic state. So many of you are now awake, and you can see clearly what those families have done to control your world, and the extent of their evil intent. People are no longer willing to be their slaves.

Your friends from other planets have warned them to cease their evil activities — the ruthless killing of innocent human beings — and insist on their withdrawal from your planet. Though their technology is great, our off-planet technology is far superior. Time is running out for them. We wish to free you from their tyranny as soon as is possible. We, in Spirit, sought the assistance of our friends on other planets. They willingly agreed to assist in the Great Transition. As you know, the transition cannot be stopped. Divine Will has decreed that Earth must return to the Light. You have made the acquaintance of beings from Andromeda. You trust them. You know that they have mankind's best interests at heart. Their knowledge surpasses anything on your Earth. Mankind has been deliberately kept down and under control. The freedom you will enjoy when your work is complete is beyond your comprehension. You will come out of the darkness and into, what looks like, the most beautiful sunshine. They have even blocked the sun because of the benefits that humans receive from the sun. You have been deceived on every possible level. Please question everything you are told. Look into the eyes of those who try to deceive you. Then you will see them in a clear light. That is when they will lose their power. Again, may I remind you, "nothing is as it seems". It is when you register this fact, you will be free.

Be aware also of the mind-control that is being used through music, as well as TV. Through the noise of the booming music, the words "kill, you must kill, murder is good", etc. This is why there are so many senseless killings. The hypnotic message gets through to the minds of those who are not strong enough to understand what is being done to them. The Dark Cabal sees it as culling the lower classes by their own hands. They are also picking off those who speak the truth. They are accusing them of crimes against children, etc., to damage their reputations. Those satanic cults are clever. This is part of their stock in trade. Though they have been successful in the past, people are awake to these practices now, and will refuse to believe such lies. The evil network is huge. Its tentacles stretch absolutely everywhere. There are so few in the public eye that can be trusted. Once you wake up to them, they lose their power over you.

You have a great future to look forward to, when you come into the Light. The path was dark, and it was hard; but the reward — actually restoring your planet to the Light and to full consciousness — will be massive indeed. Look to the future with confidence, you know that you are on the right track. There are so many that are, as yet, unseen, who are guiding you forward. Soon, they will be able to show themselves openly. All beings of Light together. The differences will no longer matter. Bodies are but the overcoats; different colours, as well as different shapes. It is the souls that matter, the ETERNAL SOUL. It is only the body that dies, the soul is forever.

You have family matters to attend to. I will be with you in Spirit. I always enjoy these gatherings. My thanks to all who help bring light and truth into the lives of others. It is so rewarding to see the light dawn on them, and suddenly, they are free. There will be trials and tribulations along the way, but you will come through them into the light. It cannot be stopped. We are on our way.

My love surrounds you always. Your adoring, Monty.

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