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Wanderer of the Skies - September 5, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We are back to discuss another aspect of the emerging Disclosure process with you. You are immersed in the changes going on right now around your planet. There is a great shift underway in the economic and business fields that have created unstoppable change which moves us closer to Disclosure and our ability to teach you what we know about your Ascension process in the little time left before that too arrives.

Your world will change drastically after Disclosure. In large measure, it will change because even the least of you will have access to free energy and other technological marvels as you can only now dream about but which exist on your world at this time. This includes teleportation devices, machines which will allow you to watch past events in holographic format, communication devices that will allow you access to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Third world countries, most significantly hit by the Illuminati’s greed and play for power, will now become equals with all other nations. Imagine the untapped wealth of knowledge, innovation, and talent that will open up to all humanity when these countries become on par with all others and their people can be heard. Education will become worldwide and interactive, not just a local luxury. With teleportation, whole classrooms can move to historic sites to see and experience for themselves in addition to using holographic techniques to view history as it unfolded. Your true history will be taught and there will be no subject withheld from you. All areas of exploration and experimentation will be open to you, with the acknowledged purpose that any discoveries are for the betterment of all humanity, not just a few.

Many of these scenarios appear “pie in the sky” to you and a nice dream, but nothing more. That is the furthest from the truth, however. Imagine the absolute freedom of the human spirit with such devices. Now you understand why this technology, this knowledge, this history, was kept from you for so long. No one can stand above another when you realize that you are all one.

These things, and many more, are coming to you. Already there is underway a great movement that will lead to the redistribution of your wealth systems, your legal systems, and the way you do business. The necessary protocols for the Disclosure event are being put into place. We grow ever closer to the inevitable and remain as excited as ever that we can finally be brought together in open, loving contact.

As matters progress in exponential degrees, you will be overwhelmed by the speed with which this process unfolds. We are there, at each turn, to make sure that all goes according to plan. Be Light of heart in these days coming and we will be joyous together in our meeting.

Channel: Wanderer of the Skies

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring news... I always look forward to news coming from you... now I can be sure that I won't miss it! Thanks my friend! Love you...
Dolores" (September 5, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"This was a very inspiring message from the Federation! It's exciting to learn about the information and new technologies that are about to be introduced to us. I feel as if I've been living in a vacuum and finally can see some light at the end of the tunnel... My thanks to "Wanderer of the Skies" for his messages! I'm already looking forward to the next one.
Doris" (September 6, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"A very uplifting message indeed. I feel like things are accelerating and intensifying in a way I havent felt before.

One question that keeps popping up in my mind tho, is what exactly is planned/expected to happen between the "now" and the "end" of 2012? Are they talking about all these changes, including free energy devices, holograms and teleportation BEFORE the end of next year, or are those changes slowy evolving "post ascension"? To me, as the time between now and the end of 2012 shrinks and contracts (only 16 months now!), I wonder what exactly can be accomplished in such a short time? I feel a personal bit of worry and stress because Ive been told through psychics and mediums that I would be deeply involved in teaching about the GF and spiritual changes coming, part of the leading wave of this, so to speak.. yet I feel deeply unprepared even after 4 years of study. And I want to be ready and help as much as I can!

What do the rest of you readers think?
Mike" (September 6, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello Mike,
just as with any other roller coaster ride, I find it more exciting and fun when I sit back and enjoy the ride, not knowing when the ride ends or what lies ahead. It is to experience the process and develop into beings of Light, that we have taken birth at this exact moment in time, after all, wouldn't you agree?
Having said that, I fully understand your question: it sometimes is very hard just to wait and keep doing your assigned task, not knowing what it's all for and what's going to happen next.
Unprepared? Aren't we all? But I feel that there is more to this. Perhaps we are being prepared without even knowing it, in ways we cannot fathom. I think it will prove to be more like a matter of raising your energy and being able to maintain it, than of mental knowledge. I'm sure your question is heard, and probably even answered. Keep faith!
Best wishes,
Koen, from Holland" (September 9, 2011)

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