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Wanderer of the Skies - October 7, 2011 Thrive

Greetings from the Federation:

Much is happening on your world these days. You can see the protests occurring all over as you are awakening to the energy of love. There is much going on in your world behind the scenes as well. We have great news to share with you as we keep you forever in our thoughts and send you our love in these trying days leading to Disclosure.

The underground bases, of which we have spoken in the past which harbor those factions of the Illuminati who have created the most resistance to these changes, have indeed been destroyed with no loss of life we have been able to detect. A clear message has been sent to some of the last hold outs to the agreements already in place for the surrender of the Illuminati and their capitulation in your affairs. Other sources have begun to report on these events and the Illuminati needs no confirmation of what has occurred. That message, as we have been able to monitor through the emotions and thoughts of those it affected, has been received quite forcefully. They are now aware there is no alternative and this is their end.

As more and more of the minions of those groups turn away from them in these last hours, the momentum towards a free world gains speed and power. You will see more of this in the coming days as well. Indeed, we have already indicated to you previously that several key media heads have made their deals to open access to the truth and you now see more accurate reporting on what is going on in your world. More importantly, you are now seeing information get to you that would never have been discussed previously.

Your leaders have indeed put Disclosure on the “front burners” of their agenda and it is presently a priority for many nations. There is a great silence in the halls of power across the world as those who are awaiting the orders to begin the disclosure process hold their collective breath. Many levels of government are involved in this process and there is a great sense among many nations that now the time has come. This is a good thing. It prepares the way for those who must make this decision to actually know that what they are doing is the right thing, the true thing, and ultimately, the most important thing they will ever do for the human race. It is time. Those who have waffled on this decision for so long are now well aware of the consequences of making disclosure occur and the need now, more than ever, to make it happen. We await here, excitedly, for the process to begin. We have monitored the thoughts of all your leaders and there is a great consensus that the time has arrived.

We have, in response, stepped up our appearance in your skies as more and more people see our ships and cannot explain them in prosaic terms. We will continue this at an even greater level, with closer contact and more frequent revelations across your globe. In fact, for those who statistically keep records of these sightings, the numbers will rise exponentially. Keep your eyes to the heavens as we prepare to dazzle you with our ships, a prelude to our coming in Peace and Love.

Be at peace.

Channel: Wanderer of the Skies

Comment from one of our readers:

"I will definitely keep looking up for these ships. Maybe you could ask them to fly over Omaha, Nebraska. I have never seen anything that resembled a UFO except on TV and the Internet. It would be life changing and quite affirming to my soul. Don't let everyone else have all the fun. Come on down here, lots of people would LOVE to see your ships here.
Sincerely Brandon" (October 9, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees,
When I saw the news about the "Occupy the Wall Street" campaign, I only have to say, I feel extremely sad for the chinese young people and this government.
We have no actual rights to protest like the Americans, and most people have no idea about the true meaning of the campaign, they even don't care about these matters at all.

Ben" (October 10, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi ben, thank you for your comment. i understand you, although i don't think that you're quite right in saying that the chinese people "don't have the right" to protest. everybody has the right to protest. it's not the government who decides what rights you have, YOU do. that's what the fight for freedom and peace is all about.
but i'm not encouraging you to go out on the streets of the chinese cities, because i know the regime is horrible over there. it's no use to organize a small demonstration, only to be hammered down and thrown in jail by the authorities. i think you should wait until you feel that there's enough support from the people for that, and you can go out in great numbers.
i hope that moment approaches fastly.

much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (October 10, 2011)

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